The Casbah Sim Sala Bim Hotel

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This began as a desire to upgrade Maxis's Helluva Hacienda. I've always loved the basic layout of that lot, but it has no landscaping and the interior is tiny compared to the outside. So I started playing around with it, and before I realized what had happened, I had recreated it as a community lot and then transformed it into a hotel. (So yes, this was not done as a "changelotzoning" cheat, and it does have the proper phone and trashcan out front like its supposed to). I was going to call it the Helluva Hotel (and you're free to if you want), but instead went with the Casbah Sim Sala Bim!

During the renovations, the building grew and took on a Moroccan/Spanish influence, but it still retains the basic outline of the hacienda it was built from. It works best on Twikki Island (what with the palm trees and all...) but of course you can use it wherever it suits your fancy.

Layout of the Casbah:
This is a three story building with no foundation. On the first floor, you will find the check-in desk and four of the seven total bedrooms; the dance area and the pool are straight back past the concierge, and in the back of the lot in separate buildings are the restaurant and the massage table / hot tub. On the second floor are the public bathrooms, the other three bedrooms, and access to the front balconies where sims can play chess or lounge on a hammock. The third story contains only the top of the front tower, which is inaccessible and purely decorative. There is sandstone beneath all the normal roofs because this lot has fully painted ceilings to give you the best vacation photos possible! Please see attached screenshots below for the second story floorplan and additional close up details.

Casbah Sim Sala Bim has a host of fun amenities, including a swimming pool, hot tub, massage table, restaurant/bar, a coffee lounge with flatscreen tv and fireplace, and bubble hookah! I also put "world" speakers in that large empty square in the courtyard. This is where NPC's are encouraged to hula dance (or slap dance, your call).


It has seven rooms to choose from. Each room size except the family suite is available with either blue or gold decor. I opted to omit the tv's from the rooms and gave them all fancy beds instead. They can still watch tv in the Casbahbar if they get cartoon withdrawal. Costs are as follows:

One Single Bed (Gold Room): $648/night
One Single Bed (Blue Room): $653/night (it has an extra window)
Two Single Beds (Gold or Blue): $783/night
One Double Bed (Gold or Blue): $812/night
Family Suite: One Double Bed and Two Single Beds (Gold Only): $1242/night

The Casbahbar:

The Casbahbar is the hotel's small restaurant / bar, located next to the swimming pool. It has a display kitchen where sims can watch their food being prepared. This is also where sims can have coffee and watch the flatscreen tv or enjoy a roaring hot fire in the middle of 120 degree tropical weather! (Or they can turn on that big fan overhead. Whatever.) That coffee pot was originally an espresso maker, but espresso-sipping sims were hogging the bar stools, whereas coffee-sipping sims go for the couches first. So I switched it to regular joe to make the lot play nicer.

Custom Content:
My goal was to make this CC-free, but I had a couple things I just couldn't give up. First is an invisible recolor of the small hotel desk by sunni9676; it is not included, but you can download it here: Second are some of HystericalParoxysm's plastic flowers. They look just like the maxis flowers (minus the groundcover) and most importantly, they don't need to be watered! (I find that the hotel maid tends to let my flowers die). If you don't already have these flowers, its worth getting the whole set.

Ninja Awesomesauce:
This lot has been playtested... with ninjas. They went on vacation and played with everything . They got on hammocks, they blew bubbles, they jumped on beds, called information from every room in the hotel, and generally ran amok! So everything should be bug-free at this point, but if not... I apologize, and I blame the ninjas.

I hope you enjoy this hotel!

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: Hotel: $648-$1242

Custom Content Included:
- Liberated Plastic Daisies - Half Tile by HystericalParoxysm
- Liberated Plastic Poppies - Half Tile by HystericalParoxysm

Additional Credits:
A special thanks to the creators of CEP colour enabler and GIMP (which I used for adjusting screenshot sizes). Thanks also to HystericalParoxysm and sunni9676 for the custom content which was so cool, I just couldn't bear to omit it.