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Mirror Recolors to Match Bon Voyage Sets

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2013 at 3:32 PM
So here is my very first object recolor. I hope you like it! :-)

Ever notice how the maxis-made hotel rooms from Bon Voyage never seem to have a mirror? How are your sims supposed to put on their new jewelry and their vacation hairstyles with no mirror? And why can't that mirror match the furniture? Well now you have a solution!

This a set of four recolors for the cheap base-game mirror (the Reflective Glass Mirror) so that you can have a mirror in your hotel bedrooms that matches the rest of the furniture. I chose this mirror because its cheap cost will help keep your hotel room rents low, and I think the shape goes well with this set. These recolors should be base-game compatible, but they go with the Bon Voyage furniture sets so I'm assuming you will want to have BV. ;-)

The textures are maxis-made, pulled directly from the Bon Voyage furniture. This is just a basic recolor, no meshes required.

Here is the basic hotel recolor in two-toned wood, which actually goes with some of the non-bv furniture sets pretty nicely as well.

A tropical mirror in polished dark wood for your island-hopping sims.

A gold-trimmed asian mirror, for getting your anime hairstyle juuuuust right!

And a mountain mirror in aged planks, perfect for your rustic cabin.

I hope you enjoy these!