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Berry and Lemon Cream Tart

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2013 at 7:25 PM
Updated: 12th Sep 2013 at 1:16 PM - I remade the tarts last night and thought the edits were better.
The Seconds Family is known for their long line of family chefs and caterers. I present to you two of my Seconds Recipes. "The Seconds Berry Tart" and "The Seconds Lemon Cream Tart".

This is the first mesh that I've uploaded to the site and I hope you and your sims like it. These tarts were cloned from the original Sims2 Cake. These tarts are supposedly a recipe of one of my sim families.

What to look forward to

Seconds Lemon Cream Tart- This tart is filled with a sweet, tangy custard and it's topping is made of thick lemon syrup.

Seconds Berry Tart- A tart that has a berry syrup drenched topping. The tart is filled with a sweet, creamy custard.

Further Details


Nullmode= 1
Food Replay Layer Cake=1334
Cook State= 72
Food Tray Layer Cake ingredients-722
Cake Mix-36
Tart Slices-282
Tart Slices Burnt-282
Slice in plate-319

This mesh is found in the fridge menu. Fridge>Make Group meal/Single meal> (Seconds Tart Option)

Additional Credits:
Credits go out to Sim99fanatic,Mootilda, and the other creators in MTS who have helpd me. MTS tutorials, MilkShape, and SimPE.