4 New Cakes for your Fridge

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Uploaded: 7th Mar 2013 at 8:13 PM
Updated: 2nd Jul 2014 at 5:46 PM
(July 2, 2014) LINK TO UPDATED MEATBALL SUB: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=512674

Hi guys, I have a treat for those who are interested. I've worked on these four tantalizing cakes for some time. You and your sims will now have 4 new choices of cake to choose from that were created by me. I'll list the choices below.

1. Strawberry Tall Cake- A giant version of Strawberry ShortCake

2. Rena's Lemon Cake- This is a sweet lemon cake that is frosted with light lemon cream and lemon glaze.

3. Rena's Cranberry Stripes Cake- This cake has a mouth full of sweet and tart cranberries. The cake is topped with with light cream cheese frosting and decorative lines.

4. The Comfort Cake- This cake is supposedly great for a get together. It has decorative drizzle while being frosted in dainty lavender frosting.

I will admit that some of the cakes were just things that came to my mind. The Strawberry Tall Cake and Lemon Cake were already inspired by two well known cakes. As for the Cranberry Stripes cake and Comfort Cake, I almost made those up.

Hope you enjoy!

Additional Details: The cow plate will not be added with the upload. You will only get just the cakes. The cow plate is a custom content from a person that I've uploaded from.
I wish I could tell you all where I remember downloading it.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Photoshop, gimp2, SimPE, and a few Cake images on yahoo images.

I'll also like to thank the people who created the CC for the sims attire. The hair and dress looks great. Thanks.