Seconds Sweets: Banana Cream Pie, Apple Pie, and Pineapple Coconut Pie

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March, 16th 2014

In the town of Ember Rise, there is a lot to do. There are also interesting Simmies that make up the population of Ember Rise. Within Ember Rise, there is one family by the name of Seconds. The Seconds family are known for their culinary skill and have been running a family restaurant for 3 generations. For each Second Family member, there is always some recipe with a special history.

In this upload, your sims will be able to have access to some of the Seconds Sweets.

*Rena's Pineapple Coconut pie: Rena's Pineapple Coconut pie is one of the first generation pies from the Second's family. This pie is topped with coconut cream and filled with a form of tangy pineapple

Poly Count

Nullmodel= 1
Eat= 130
Serve= 366
In plate= 393

*Rodrick Sr. Apple Pie: This apple pie is the recipe of Rena's only son. Rodrick Sr. has a fondness for
Sour green apples. This pie is made from handmade pie crust and sour apples which are sweetened by brown sugar.

Poly Count:
Nullmodel= 1
Eat= 47
Serve= 282
In plate= 309

*Rodrick Jr. Banana Cream Pie: Rodrick's Banana Cream Pie recipe came to be when he baked the pie for his his middle school girlfriend's birthday. Rodrick values his recipe for the fact that it is attached to
a good memory. This pie is made from Whipped cream, bananas, and banana pudding custard.

Inplate= 477

Details: All three pies are cloned from base game gelatin. These pies should be easy and ready to serve among friend and family simmies. All meshes will not override any files that were downloaded or already sims 2 items.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to adobe Photoshop, Google images, and Milkshape 3d. All of these tools were essential for this project.