Modern Family Houseboat

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Uploaded: 29th May 2014 at 7:59 PM
Updated: 16th Aug 2016 at 2:27 AM

Hey everyone, I've finally joined the bandwagon! I bought Island Paradise a few days ago, completing my EP collection of all the EP's. I only have high end loft stuff for a stuff pack (and actually town life since I got it for free through some promotion, and I have yet to use it, ha ha) since it's pretty much the only stuff pack with items I like.

This should make some of you happy, as it's cc free, and on a small lot. But still the largest house boat lot, what else could you expect!

Well, let's get on to it! This houseboat has three bedrooms, as I know many simmers play with families . Unlike some houseboats, I left some room in the back for a few outdoor activities. Gotta have a hot tub, am I right!?

I went a little crazy with the kids may not like the floors, but to me they seemed like pebbles or stone, perfect for a sea themed room. I had to, come on LOL.

Lot price:

Furnished: 96,350
Unfurnished: 54,910


Mandatory: island paradise, late night, ITF, high end loft stuff

Mandatory-ish: generations (I used the spiral staircases, though the ladder could be placed instead. Or the firepole if you're feeling adventerous lol. I also used a few things in the kid's room), and university for one window used twice

Optional: seasons, world adventures (just used the outdoor palm), showtime (the plants lining the house)

Lot Size: 17x22
Lot Price: in description