Improved Lighting and Shadows for ENB Generic 0.76

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2014 at 7:50 AM
Updated: 5th Dec 2014 at 10:33 PM

Ever felt that the graphics for the Sims 3 felt a little... washed out? Want to add some new life to the game? Here you go!

ENB is a shader injection tool that allows users to customize and improve almost any DirectX 9 game on the market! You may be familiar with the tool thanks to games like Skyrim and GTA4. While, due to engine limitations, the Sims 3 can't take advantage of all the features ENB offers, there is still plenty of enhancements that can be made to the game, and the results speak for themselves.

Without ENB:

With ENB:

Without ENB:

With ENB:


It's too Dark at night!
This is a result of how ENB's color correction works. It's basically unavoidable if you want to use the ENB. Outdoor lights are a must!

I'd like to disable the effect when using buy or build mode!
Press SHIFT+F12 to turn the ENB on or off. (Default is ON)

Will this fix lights not extending beyond lot borders?
No, that's an engine limitation.

Will this affect my performance?
YES. Specifically, this is going to hit your GPU a fair amount. If you struggle to run The Sims 3 as it is, you should probably avoid using this.

Will this work on MAC or Linux?
No. ENB is a DLL based injector. This will only work on windows.

Does this require any expansion packs or tools?
NOPE! =) This ENB will work with any Sims 3 installation.

The ENB seems to activate when using the launcher's package installer
This is a side effect of The Sims 3's programming quirks. Don't worry, it won't hurt anything.

I'm an Nvidia user, and I get a bunch of errors when I try to launch the game!
Are you using GeForce Experience? Older versions caused massive issues with ENB and SweetFX. This has since been fixed in recent updates.
Please update GeForce Experience.

Help! My game has turned pure white!
There are 3 reasons I know of for this:

1. Try launching the game directly using Awesomemod or Nraas' No-CD patch. Booting the game using the launcher is known to cause issues. (Thank you Boy Wonder for discovering this bug!)

2. Your game is having conflicts as a result of window's DEP. Try turning off DEP for TS3.exe, TS3W.exe, and Sims3Launcher.exe, restarting your system, and running the game again. You may need to reinstall the ENB (Thank you desiree101 for finding this bug!)

3. If you run the game alongside CCMAGIC, the two mods will conflict with each other. (Thank you mspoodle1 for discovering this bug!)

4. Outdated drivers. Try updating your drivers and see if that helps.

5. Your machine is not powerful enough. If you have an older graphics card, especially one that does not support 3.0 shaders, ENB will not run properly.

Additional Credits:
A HUGE thanks to Boris Vorontsov for creating the ENB shader tool! You are doing PC gaming a great service! Visit his website here: