Green Vegetable Plants,Ingredients and Recipes(Update:23.02.2016)

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2015 at 10:50 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2016 at 9:50 PM
UPDATE(23.02.2016) Fixed a texture issue with involving 'Herb Sauce' ingredient. Thanks @Desiree101 and @Sarah_Sims

UPDATE(13th July): Fixed a mistake in the Green Vegetables and Condiments file so that the Bamboo Plant shows up properly.

(Note: If the thumbnail image is not properly rendered,then clear the ObjectsThumbnails in the Thumbnails file in My Documents.)

UPDATE(10th July):

A lot of additions in this update.This update adds 1 new plant(new mesh) , 1 new Ingredient and 7 new recipes with recipe books

A) New Plant: Bamboo Plant
New Ingredient: BambooShoot

B) New Recipes: - ( With Recipe Books)
1. Fried BambooShoot
2. Fried Okra
3. Gumbo
4. Aloo Gobi
5. Shrimp And BambooShoot Curry
6. BambooShoot Noodle Soup
7. Thai Chicken And BambooShoot

C) Added Italian and Polish translations (does not include the new recipes)


This is a collaboration between me and the awesome ATS Sandy of ATS3.

Mod Description:
Adds new Plants, Ingredients and Recipes using CCLoader

What does the mod actually do?

It adds 7 plants,7 plantable ingredients, 5 non-plantable ingredients,15 recipes and 13 recipe books to the game.

-All the ingredients can be obtained from the Grocery Store.
-The plantable ingredients can be planted,harvested and their seeds can be found in the normal way.
-The Recipe Books can be bought from the Bookstore(most of the recipes require recipe books to be read)

New Plants:

1) Cabbage plant
2) Leek Plant
3) Celery plant
4) Cauliflower Plant
5) Broccoli Plant
6) Swiss Chard plant
7) Okra plant

New Ingredients:

All the gorgeous vegetables have been meshed by the super talented ATS Sandy

1) Cabbage
2) Leek
3) Celery
4) Cauliflower
5) Broccoli
6) Swiss Chard
7) Okra
8) Cooking Cream
9) Herb Sauce
10) Parmesan Cheese

New Recipes:

1)Cabbage Soup
2)Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
3)Chili Garlic Cabbage
5)Leek Pie
7)Grilled Leek
8)Celery Pasta
9)Cauliflower Gratin
10)Greens in Herb Sauce
11)Sauteed Garlic Chard
12)Spaghetti With Broccoli Cream Pesto
13)Bhindi Masala
14)Vegetable Kofta
15)Vegetable Rice

( uff...I am going to do a smaller mod next time!)

Requirement: CCLoader

Game Compatibility : Green Vegetables and Condiments package is Base Game Compatible.
Recipes Package requires World Adventures and Supernatural.

Made with Game Version 1.67

Suggested Use With(Not Required):

1) icarus_allsorts - Cook With Any Ingredient (I have made all ingredients edible so they can be used with this mod)

2) Cinderellimouse-Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul + More Nectar Ingredients

3) Nectar Maker from WA ( I have designated all ingredients as fruits so they can be used with the nectar maker)

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod as CCLoader uses a custom script to load the xmls


-ATS Sandy of ATS3 for the vegetable meshes.

-douglasveiga for the awesome tool

-Arsil for the most helpful tutorial

-Cinderellimouse for the immense help and putting up with me!

-Inge Jones and Simlogical - For S3PE Files:

1) Green Vegetables and Condiments : for custom plants and ingredients( requires CCLoader )

2) Green Vegetable Recipes : for Custom Recipes ( Requires CCLoader + Green Vegetables and Condiments file + World Adventures + Supernatural )

3) Green Vegetable Recipes_Heavy : Some changes made to the ingredient requirement of the recipes ( Requires CCLoader + Green Vegetables and Condiments file + World Adventures + Supernatural + Showtime + Cinderellimouse-Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul + More Nectar Ingredients )

Use only one Recipe package( Either 2 OR 3 )