The Medieval Heraldic Bedroom

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2016 at 3:40 PM
Updated: 25th Jan 2016 at 6:55 PM
Greetings, Fellow Simmers!

Whether we play a medieval neighborhood or not..... We all like to build at least one manor house for our favorite Sim family.... H. Cove (from Garden of Shadows) converted many of the beds from the Maxis "Sims Medieval" game. She has a very open policy in that as long as she's given credit for the conversion, she doesn't care what we do with her stuff. I am most certainly giving credit!!!

H.Cove King's Bed is here:

The creators at Maxis have some really solid ideas.... but, their finished products are just...well... "lacking"

The armoire is a recolor of one done by Lady Lama at "The Medieval Smithy Sims2" http://themedievalsmithysims2.blogs...ner-part-i.html

Once you have that mesh, I invite you to take a look around.... you will be amazed (registration is not required)

All of these are base game compatible

What you will be getting here

2 recolors of H.Cove's King's Bed
the heraldic recolor of Lama's Armoire
the walls
the ceiling
the drapes
the bedding

if you want.....

the single "rope bed" by VampireKiss6661 ... it can be found here:
( registration is not required )

Additional Credits:
HUGE thank you to H.Cove , Ingrid (lady Lama) and VampireKiss6661. A special thank you to Michelle for hosting the bed conversion

Many thanks to Maxis, ModTheSims, the creators of SimPE, and the simming community