Carved French Gothic Walnut Bedroom

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2016 at 10:34 PM
Greetings, Simmers!

The French Gothic style is quite distinctive with its deep carving on rich, darkened woods and intricate patterns.... I hope that you will enjoy this set in your sim-neighborhood!

(The beds and dresser are base game compatible.... the night stand requires University)

The original bed (the double is repositoried to the single) is available at "PlumbBob keep" the creator, VampireKiss6661 has done some beautiful work there (registration is not required):

The mesh for the dresser is available at " the Medieval Smithy". Lama is the talented creator (registration is not required) : http://themedievalsmithysims2.blogs...ner-part-i.html

The table is a recolor of the Maxis medieval end table from "University"

I found the quilt on line (want it for myself!) Since I couldn't afford the price tag....I took the picture and made it into something my sims could use....

"Reclaimed Encaustic" is taken from flooring in an ancient church that they are trying to rebuild and renovate.... isn't "perfect" with its cracks, chips and worn thru sections but it has soooo much character! You can almost feel it......

Additional Credits:
A HUGE thank you to VampireKiss6661 and to Ingrid (Lama) who are never offended that I take their creations and give them multiple different personalities. Thank you to the developers of SimPE who gave my a creative outlet. Thank you to MTS and the simming community who give me a place to share what I do. Thank you to EAxis for creating the Sims2