The GreenHouse

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Step into summer with this modern summer vacation home.

Welcome to the GreenHouse, the modern summer vacation home your Sims have been dreaming of! Whether sunning yourself on the pool deck, cuddling on the couch, or taking advantage of the luxurious hot spring in the back yard, the cool green and white palette promises to bring you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Here are the specifications-

Lot Size: 3x2
Price: $110, 353

1 Bedroom
1 Bath
Full Sized Kitchen
Patio Deck
Pool Deck
Hot Springs Spa

Special thanks to the following Creators, without which this Lot would not have been built...

4ESF, Holy Simoly, Huge Lunatic, Marvine, RGiles, 11 Dots, Around the Sims 2, Simplan-X, Buggy Booz, Silent Lucidity, Simbella, SimAddict99, Tiggy027, Simcastic Designs, JohnBrehaut1 and Windkeeper.

ALL Custom Content is included with the Lot, including meshes. See the attached list for specifications.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 110, 353

Custom Content by Me:
- GreenHouse Wall in Green
- Tree Recolor Square
- Barstool Green Recolor
- Green Wood Panel Recolor
- 4 Seasons Recolor
- 4 Panel Tree Recolor

Custom Content Included:
- BB_NICHE_1_MASTER by BuggyBooz
- HolySimoly_Waterfall_Mesh by HolySimoly
- HolySimoly_Waterfall_limestone by HolySimoly
- HL_L&F_paintingSquarePjattery by HugeLunatic
- Marvine-Waterfall-MatchingRock1-MASTER by Marvine
- rgiles_floor_cleartransparent by RGiles
- 11dotsdin2tabledining - Neon Set by 11 Dots
- 4ESF bathroom2 plant by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bathroom4 Toilet by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bathroom5 Sink by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bathroom5 Sideboard by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bathroom5 Tub by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom12 Bookcase by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom8 Bed by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esf Bedroom12 Branches in Vase by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom12 Dresser by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfbedroom12bedroundwhiterecolor by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom12 Bookcase by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfbedroom12dresserwhiterecolor by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfbedroom12lightingtable by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom12 low table by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfbedroom12tablelowwhiterecolor by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Bedroom12 Mirror by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen2 Wall Deco by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Dining9 Chair by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfdining9chairRECOLORgreen by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Cooker Hood by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfkitchen3countergreyrecol by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfkitchen3counter2greyrecol by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Barstool by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Designer Counter by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Fridge by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Trash Compactor by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Dishes by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Overhead by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Fruitbowl by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Small Plant by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Stove by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Wall Light by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Designer Counter by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Vegetables by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Wallboard by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Designer Island by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Kitchen3 Small Plant by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Living9 Lounger by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Outdoor5 Rosebush by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Living10 Wood Panel by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfoutdoor8flowers by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfoutdoor8sunshade by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfoutdoor8glassesandtowel by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfoutdoor8chairlounge by 4eversimfantasy
- 4esfoutdoor8tablecoffee by 4eversimfantasy
- ATS Altea - Kitchen - Sink by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- spx-juliano-tools-mesh by Simplan-X
- spx-zcurtain-rc14 by Simplan-X
- spx-zcurtain-mesh by Simplan-X
- spx-zlamp-mesh by Simplan-X
- spx-zcurtain-rc8 by Simplan-X
- spx-zlamp-rc2 by Simplan-X
- spx-zendtabletable-mesh by Simplan-X
- spx-zendtabletable-rc3 by Simplan-X
- spx-zsofa-mesh by Simplan-X
- BB_Nook_FollyGarden_BorderMedCurve by BuggyBooz
- BB_Nook_FollyGarden_BorderLowCurve by BuggyBooz
- BB_Nook_FollyGarden_Ground by BuggyBooz
- BB_Nook_FollyGarden_BorderLowStraight by BuggyBooz
- BB_Nook_FollyGarden_Ground_RC_Soil by BuggyBooz
- BB_Sage_Rug_RC__a3 by BuggyBooz
- BB_Sage_Rug by BuggyBooz
- SilentLucidityUnderGroundOMSP1h1 by SilentLucidity
- SilentLucidityUnderGroundOMSP1h1invi by SilentLucidity
- SilentLucidityShiftableShelf1small by SilentLucidity
- SilentLucidityShiftableShelf2 by SilentLucidity
- SilentLucidityShiftableShelf2invisible by SilentLucidity
- SilentLucidityShiftableShelf1smallinvi by SilentLucidity
- SA99-JacquelinePaintingsMesh by SimAddict99
- Zeppelinset Window by Bella @ Simbella
- Zeppelinset - 1story window by Bella @ Simbella
- Zeppelinset Awning - recolor by Bella @ Simbella
- Zeppelinset Awning by Bella @ Simbella
- Zeppelin Fence B White by Bella @ Simbella
- Pole-and-glass! by Jakob @ Simbella
- Glass roof not so big1 by Jakob @ Simbella
- Roof top big glass and metal by Jakob @ Simbella
- Glass Fence by Tiggy 027
- MD_4PanelArtMESH by SimcasticDesigns
- ToiletPaper by SimcasticDesigns
- bsy21_Long-pole-and-glass_1 by Jakob @ Simbella
- wind_singleslidingdoor by WindKeeper
- One More Slot Package "Counter" by JohnBrehaut1
- One More Slot Package "Counter" by JohnBrehaut1
- One More Slot Package "Counter" by JohnBrehaut1
- OMSP for Tables by JohnBrehaut1

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Greenhouse, #1 Bedroom, #Summer, #Vacation