the Veronika Lamp Collection

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2017 at 11:08 PM
For my efforts to modernize my Sims' homes, I wanted some of those eye-catching artistic lamps I keep seeing in TV shows but can't afford IRL. I've seen this design a lot, and thought it might be a quick simple way to begin lighting my hoods. Well, quick turned into two weeks as I made mistake after mistake with the textures. Now completed, I present this simple, sleek, and, hopefully, elegant collection of lamps.

There are a floor lamp, a wall lamp, and a table/desk lamp. A ceiling lamp just didn't seem to fit in with the overall design, so I left it out to keep from being too kitschy. I hope you like them and can find some use for them in your lots. The set uses the repository system, and all textures are slaved to the FloorLamp. For anyone that doesn't know, this means that the FloorLamp MUST be in your Downloads folder (whether you use it or not) in order for the TableLamp and WallLamp to have colored textures show in game. Please enjoy.

The zip file contains all three objects plus a collections folder package. The collections package does NOT go in the Downloads folder, but in the Collections folder.

Some technical info:

face counts: floor lamp - 842, table lamp - 718, wall lamp - 830
catalog placement: Lighting>Floor Lamps, Lighting>Table Lamps, Lighting> Wall Lamps
GUID: D586C110, D586C111, D586C112
in-game price: floor lamp - 252, table lamp - 197, wall lamp - 252

Tools used: SimPE, GIMP 2.8, Blender 2.77, Wood Workshop

Super Double Secret Recolor included:
I"m not claiming this as a real recolor, but I left in this experimental texture because I kinda like it (and I'm too lazy to take it out).

Basically, it's just a wooden arm texture and a silver shade with holes in it. Due to the skinny-ness of the arms, I never could get the wood grain to show satisfactorily, but it does make a half-decent approximation of a copper texture. The shade worked out a little better, but I couldn't stretch the mesh UV enough to over come the stretching look of the texture without compromising the repository nature of the collection.

Polygon Counts:
Floor Lamp:
shadow-2, shadeinside-72, shadeoutside-108, bulb-160, metal-500

Table Lamp:
shadow-2, lightpattern-2, bulb-108, shadeinside-72, shadeoutside-108, metal-426

Wall Lamp:
shadow-2, lightpatterns-18, shadeoutside-340, metal-470

Additional Credits:
Quaxi and the team for SimPE Numenor for all those crumbs of wisdom and guidance he left here on MTS to guide me through this experience
mustluvcatz-for the great tip on fixing bounding box
Spaik -for adding mesh tutorial
JWoods -for repository guidance
Pixelhate - for his absolutely wonderful series of TXMT guides
pauljs75 - for tutorial on vertex snapping & alignment