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Liberate your sims! A Clear Portrait UI edit

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2017 at 8:43 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2017 at 1:52 AM
If you've been playing TS3 since the beginning, or even if you started playing with only the earlier expansions, you'll remember that back in the day our sims used to always have a nice, clear portrait window. But towards the end of the game's run, EA decided that that portrait space was prime UI real estate and forced our poor sims to carry the weight of the seasons and the moon on their shoulders. First, Supernatural added the Lunar Cycle on the right of the menu, and then Seasons used the space on the left to display the current season. With this mod, both of these changes have been rolled back, allowing you to take a good luck at your sims unobstructed!

Of course, while those icons may have been a bit intrusive, they served a useful purpose, letting you know when the season would end and how soon it was until the full moon. Luckily, this mod leaves the information behind the icons intact; you can still hover your cursor the same spots as always to check the current season and lunar phase information. You just don't have to put with the images cluttering your sim's headshot anymore.

Does this conflict with anything?
Unfortunately, this is a UI mod. The Moon phase images are all stored in their own file, so unless you have a mod that directly changes the UI moons (not the ones in the sky, just the version that appears next to your sim), that function of the mod should always work.
However, the seasons icons are all stored in the same file as other parts of the UI; this means that there's going to be a conflict if you have another UI mod, like the Sweet Dreams UI recolor, in your game.

An example with a UI mod I'm working on now:

In this example, the color-changing UI mod loads first ('Black UI' comes before 'Clear World' and they are stored in the same folder, so 'Black UI' loads first); as you can see, the Lunar replacement works as intended, but the Seasons icon being used are the ones provided by the UI mod that loads first. You can tell because there is still a small trace of the old Summer icon visible in this shot, since the icon wasn't removed perfectly in this particular UI. Note that that flaw isn't present in the version you'll be downloading.
If you're interested, I've also provided a screenshot of what happens when this mod loads BEFORE another UI mod. It doesn't look good at all, and I highly recommend that if you do intend to use this with a non-default UI that you make sure this mod loads after the other one. Simply putting in 'z' in front of the name and placing it in the same folder as your other UI mod should do the trick.

Other instructions:
You need either the Seasons or Supernatural expansions for this mod to do anything. If you have only one of those, that should be fine.

There are two versions available. The first version clears the portrait at any time, removing all Seasons and Lunar Phase icons. I personally ignore the Lunar Cycle completely, but I thought other people might enjoy some parts of it. With that in mind, there is a second version that removes the icons for every season, and removes the icons for all the Lunar Phases except the Full Moon and the New Moon (i.e the only two that actually have some gameplay effect). Use only one, of course.

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to dino_rex for guiding me and the community in making UI modifications