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The MommyMe Family ~ a sweet little family of three

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2017 at 8:11 PM
Updated: 24th Sep 2017 at 8:39 PM
The MommyMe Family - Rhonda, Ronnie, and Rover - are ready to start their new life together. There was a daddy, Derrick; but, he is either dead, divorced, or not married and dumped - you decide what works best for you. In my story, he is dead - the "welcome wagon" party is really his wake back at the house after the funeral.

The family is funded alright for the time-being as they just got a motherlode ah, "insurance" settlement of $50K. Rover is the only one with a job - he's jumping hoops for the circus.

Rhonda's bio should say, "*Sigh* Now with Derrick gone, it's just me and little Ronnie ...and Ro-ro, of course. Let's see if we can make the best of it?"

Ronnie's bio should say, "I love my mommy - but, she doesn't have to worry so much about me... my Ro-ro takes good care of me!"

Rover's bio should say, "Now that I have my girls to myself - how could life get any sweeter?"

Their house - a remodel of 1042 East Dreaming Drive, Desiderata Valley - may be uploaded in the future, we'll see. It is not CC-free! CC shown on the house in the picture is by Windkeeper (the sliding door recolors), Veranka (fence), and Michelle (window recolors.)

I made this family for the August-September theme here on MTS2: Maternity and Beyond. It is completely CC-free ~ mainly because my current (and hopefully temporary - c'mon Santa!!!) graphics card is awful. (It really shouldn't be able to run the game at all...)

...and, I do apologize for the really crappy picture quality. *sigh*

I do have defaulted eyes though. So, if you want the same eyes as shown in the pictures above, you will need Pooklet's version of Yumedust's Eyes on Anva's Sclara - in "marble"

Custom Content by Me:
- All three in one zipped file - Rhonda, Ronnie, and Rover (Pets EP is required!)
Or, individually:
- Rhonda MommyMe - who is packaged with Seasons EP clothes
- Ronnie MommyMe
- Rover MommyMe - Pets EP is required!

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website, and the chance to earn moar stickers!!!