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Croft Manor - Tomb Raider - Tomb

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Uploaded: 5th May 2018 at 6:20 PM
Updated: 6th May 2018 at 1:57 AM

Currently turning this into a livable residence lot for my own use. If I get enough requests, I'll upload a residence version.

Of course after seeing the newest Tomb Raider movie I had to go back and play all the Tomb Raider games. It is hard to choose a favorite era. They all have different game styles. As you can see in the screenshots, my Lara is a mix of the Legend Era and 2013 Origin story reboot. My favorite Croft Manor were the ones from the Legend Era. The layout is taken from Anniversary, interior design and décor are from Legend, and the exterior is from Underworld.

The manor is set up as a tomb, like you would see in World Adventures. A safe tomb, no traps, just puzzles and treasures. Your goal is to look for hidden switches, levers, keys, ect. to so you can progress through the manor. End goal is to figure out how to unlock the music room.

The puzzles are pretty identical to the game versions. So if you've played through the Legend and Anniversary manors, this should be easy.

This version requires a bit of store content and custom content. I plan to upload a version with just custom content, and another is only custom item that I feel is necessary for the manor.

  • There are a few text triggers that act as Lara narrating the events like in the game. None state that its Lara or specify a gender, so you can play as any sim and create your own story.
  • Read all the plaques for clues or just some interesting information.
  • Puzzles are identical to game versions
  • The basement maze puzzle can be completed a few different ways. You will have to trap yourself in to finish it, but keep an eye out for a secret passage way.
  • Sometimes the "One More Slot Please!" items aren't invisible. I've went through and reset each one myself, but at times through testing, rarely, they became visible. All you have to do is go into buy/build mode, shift+ctrl click on them and select reset. This will make them invisible. This seemed to only happen with one in the library on the main desk and two on the shelves in the music room.
  • While testing, 100% play through takes about 48 sim hours (I also know exactly how to get through it. Your time may vary)
  • With above said, there is no kitchen or bathrooms (there weren't any in the games and it is set up as a tomb instead of a livable residence), so make sure that your adventurer is stocked with the usual exploring supplies. (Lot type is a Landmark Tomb so the bladder need is frozen.) There is of course a bed.
  • In one of the pictures for the hallways, the ceiling was just plain unlike the others, that is fixed to brown wood to match the rest.
  • In the pictures of the computer room, the windows used a custom pattern. That is also fixed and now is just plain metal, same color.

If you are stuck on a part feel free to ask or discuss in the comments, but I think it is a pretty easy and relaxed adventure.

I don't take requests, but I do love suggestions!

(Custom Content not included)
(Most is just decorative and will be playable without. This is not tested, however, so I do not know what it will be replaced with. The only two you actually need are the new tomb objects and one more slot)
Highly Recommended CC:
3 New pushable tomb objects by Alopex
One More Slot Please! by granthes
Romanesque Connecting Column Arches Set (1 story) by TheJim07

Bella Squared by Elias943
Playable Harp by Lois99
Weapons System (the pistol) by desecrate

Highly Recommended Store Content:
Stones Throw Greenhouse Sims 3 Store
Vertical Challenge Rock Wall Sims 3 Store
Steam-It-Up Sauna Sims 3 Store

Store Content:
Simetta Stone (Free) Sims 3 Store
Slate Slab Lamp Sims 3 Store
Beijing Incense Burner Sims 3 Store
The Great Lord So-and-So's Shield and Sword Sims 3 Store
Khmer Deity Carving Sims 3 Store
Three Deities Stone Carving Sims 3 Store
Angkor Wat Stone Carving Replica Sims 3 Store
Olympian Physique Sims 3 Store
Dominique's Dominate Globe Sims 3 Store
Artemis Temple Frieze Sims 3 Store
Higher Illumination Ceiling Light Sims 3 Store
Naga Dragon Wall Sconce Sims 3 Store

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price (furnished): 772,126
Lot Price (unfurnished): 320,520