The House of Tomorrow - Fallout 4

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Uploaded: 21st May 2018 at 3:26 PM
Updated: 5th May 2019 at 1:45 PM
"War never changes."
Okay, but what if war never happens?
Find out with The House of Tomorrow!

You are finally able to live out the normal lives of Nora, Nate, Shaun, Codsworth, or whoever because there is no impending doom!

With the "Lived-in" version, pick up right where Nate and Nora left off before the big Ka-boom!

Only want some objects? No worries, custom content is organized below. Only some custom content is required, most is just for looks and clutter. So pick and choose what you feel is necessary.

Want to tell your own story? Download the "Stripped down" version. It has your basic necessities and most furniture. No clutter or useless objects. (see last 7 pictures)

Thank you, for not choosing Vault-Tech!
Stripped Version Details
30x30 lot
56,322 furnished
39,594 unfurnished

  • How I have the objects set up is mainly for looks and accuracy. If you want them to function properly, they can be repositioned.
    Two side dining chairs, the outdoor chairs around the table, newspaper on island counter

  • Even though there is a ton of clutter on the counters in the kitchen, sims will still prep food there. This is because the clutter is actually on the OMSP objects. Same for the stove.
  • There are regular counters to create the illusion of the bar/island from the game. If the kitchen counters are full, sims will use one of those counters. To prevent this, try adding flat objects to the 4 counters UNDERNEATH the main top counter. (Will post pictures)
  • BUILDING A BASEMENT will cause the OMSP objects to reset, meaning all the cluttler will be on ground level. You can easily position them back, however.

Required for both versions
ModernLine Windows Set (counter side v3) by hudy777DeSign
Sliding Doors (half glass AND no glass) by Lisen801
Stilo Door by ruhrpottbobo

Recommended both:
Panel Walls by HugeLunatic
Simple Siding (V2) by plasticbox
DIY Curtains (Large Horizontal Blinds, left AND right thick curtains, traditional wide AND medium rod, curtain rings) by chasmchronicle
Animated Modern Ceiling Fan by cmomoney
More Slots!: Base Game Bookshelves (Country Medium Bookshelf, used for shelves behind bed.) by chasmchronicle
"Dicke Berta" Stove by plasticbox

Heavy Curtains by martoele
Universal large flat tiles pattern by AniFlowersCreations
Plain Tile Small by madaya74
Retro Kitchen Refrigerator by cashcraft
Futuristic Column by MsBarrows
Retro Appliances (dishwasher and trash compactor) by MsBarrows
Pull-Down Ceiling Lamp by MsBarrows
Shelf by BuffSumm
1950s Barstool by BuffSumm
1950's Diningbar by BuffSumm
Back To Retro Dining Room - Chair by pyszny16
Shutters by Angela
Basic Cloakroom Shower by Cyclonesue
Undercabinet shelf A by BuffSumm

Kitchen Furniture Set (counter 1, counter right(curved corner), cabinet 5, cabinet corner 2, cabinet right 2 (curved)) by Dara_Savelly

Exterior aesthetics for both:
Azalea Rainbow! by Amarysauce

Exterior Venting Unit by Cyclonesue
Air Conditioning Unit by Cyclonesue

Functional objects (lived-in only)
Dresser in fifty model (dresser only) by Lisen801
Futur-Vu by Vidioblast by Qahne
Cigarette packs (smoking mod) by cmomoney

kar_Bohemia_radio by kardofe

Needed for most clutter objects, they act as slots (lived-in only)
One More Slot Please! by granthes
Tipsy OMSP by newshoes
Napkin Set (No2) by Dara_Savelly

Clutter and interior aesthetics (lived-in only)
Clutter --> Livingroom (ash tray) by lemoncandy
Clutter --> Children (Letterblocks) by lemoncandy
7 Small Vases (Gabo, Sala, Sierra, Malua) by Killc*a
Stackable Crate by Alopex
Random Clutter (potholder) by BabaYaga
Storage Box by treeag
Mini book stack - 2 AND 3 by Lunararc

Luggage by Susan372
Newspaper 1 by danioontje
Practical Shelving Umbrella Stand by Lulu265
kar_toaster by kardofe
Baby Clutter Set (bottle and rattle) by tdyannd
Bedroom Clutter Board Games by tdyannd
Pots and Pans (1, 2, 6, kettle) by AnoeskaB
Wall Clock pyszny16
Folded Towel by Ung999
Tricycle by lilliebou
kar_moon Earth Globe by kardofe
kar_toaster by kardofe
Time To Bake Mixer by SIMcredible!

(Around The Sims 3)
broom by ats3
Coffee Mug by ats3
Stack of 2 bowls by ats3
Cereals by ats3
Jam Pot AND Milk Bottle AND Bowl stackable by ats3
Mixing Bowl by ats3
Post-it by ats3
Iron (red vertical. Falsely labeled "ironing board (table)", but it is just the iron.) by ats3
Table Lamp (top middle, beige-ish?, November 6th) by ats3
Pepper & Salt by ats3
Folded Chair by ats3

Round Table Top Mirror by juna
A Game of Folds by Rope'
Stackables (both bowls and plates) by WOE

Murano Modern Classic Bread Box Store

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 103,000
Lot Price (unfurnished): 38,829