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MTS Official 2019 Calendar

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2019 at 11:33 PM
MTS is happy to once again bring you the official calendar, comprised of winning images from our annual calendar contest!

Object Info:
  • Catalogue Location: Decorative -> Wall Hangings
  • Price: §50
  • Shiftable on wall
  • 2 channels: channel A does nothing (allows changing of preset), channel B recolors pushpins
  • Polys (hi/low): 130/8
  • New mesh: combination of Modern Painting and Goth Painting (same as previous years)

As with the previous calendars, this one functions as a manual preset rather than forced by the changing of the seasons. If you do have Seasons and have each season enabled and set to the minimum of 3 days, you'd have a 12 day calendar. However, it's entirely up to you how many in-game days each month lasts and therefore under your control when you change the presets. When you're ready, use CAST to choose the next image in the presets (or be a rebel and choose them at random!) without the need to rebuy a new object, saving your sims §550 over the course of a year! Thrifty, eh?

The pushpins are recolorable for each of the presets. The default preset color has been chosen to complement its corresponding image but feel free to change them to whatever your sim's heart desire. Patterns are not recommended as the surface area is too small to make them out.

This calendar does not overwrite previous years. You can have all of them in your game at once. Whether your sims are hoarders and never get rid of anything or you really just like the pictures, you can keep all versions in your game with no problems. Do make sure to clear your caches first though, including thumbnails, to make sure it shows up right in the catalog.

Special thanks and congratulations go out to all of our winners:

cocoazure whose winning post is here for January's picture in the calendar.
charmful whose winning post is here for February's picture in the calendar.
Freelala whose winning post is here for March's picture in the calendar.
asiashamecca whose winning post is here is April's picture in the calendar.
attuned whose winning post is here is May's picture in the calendar.
TheSweetToddler whose winning post is here is June's picture in the calendar.
Yosarna whose winning post is here is July's picture in the calendar.
Freya5 whose winning post is here is August's picture in the calendar.
Lyralei whose winning post is here is September's picture in the calendar.
Influence whose winning post is here is October's picture in the calendar.
Letcupcake whose winning post is here is November's picture in the calendar.
cillaben whose winning post is here is December's picture in the calendar.
Note: Entries this year were not required to be 1000x750 as previous years. Image sizes were adjusted if necessary to fit the calendar template.

Additional Credits:
- MTS Staff for judging entries and contestants for entering. Would not have been possible without all of you!
- Leefish; because this is an edit of the first calendar and would not have been possible without her from the beginning.
- Creators of S3OC, S3PE, TT3.