[No CC] [The Sims 01] 04 Mango Family

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Magnus Mango used to live in Aurora Skies, where he reached the top of the Military career, but suddenly his brother passed away forcing him to be transferred to New Crest to take care of an orphaned teenage Matthew. Are these two going to get along, or will Magnus's methods drive young Matthew into a military madness like he did to Maru Mango?

Hey, guys. I recreated those 2 from Sims 3 in Sims 4 to fit Sims 1 timeline. I'm going to release a Sims 1 save file in the future, and i am going to add not only people from Sims 1, but from Sims 2/3 and 4 as well, but i'll be adapting them to fit the timeline. Magnus Mango is from Aurora Skies, which is set before Sims 1, then he's older here. Matthew is from Isla Paradiso, which is set after Sims 1, so his younger here. I thought that they would be a perfect match for the latest house i built which was called Mango Manor back in Sims 1. haha
Hope you guys like it!

Additional Credits:
Thanks EAxis for the original Sims 3 Magnus Mango and Matthew Mango.

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