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Girls Incarcerated juvie uniforms

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2019 at 4:07 PM

Do you have the lyrics to "Let the Dice Roll" memorized? Do you stan the girls on Instagram? No? Well, for those who can't get enough of the breakaway hit show by Plum Pictures that streams on Netflix, now your teen Sims with sketchy reputations can dress like they've been handed over to the Indiana Department of Correction!

This zipped file contains two packages.

The first is a set of recolors of the inmate outfits that come with Get to Work. The tan pants uniform is inspired by Kid Criminals, a documentary which featured the ill-fated Amanda Artyamsoal. The second swatch in that standalone recolor, made with Sims 4 Studio, is one with black pants. This is the setup most of the girls wore in season 1 of Girls Incarcerated, which was set two years after Kid Criminals - in the March and April of 2017.

The second file is a sweatshirt swatch recolor. It's not a standalone, but can be found under the main sweatshirt in the CAS catalog. This is the infamous "burgundy," which Chrissy Hutchinson threw chairs over losing the privilege to wear.

As you've probably noted, the burgundy is sometimes a sweatshirt, sometimes a sweater, and sometimes a collared T-shirt, as the photograph of Taryn above reveals. Only the sweatshirt version is provided in this upload.

In some of these screens, you'll see the girls with a custom skintone. Please ignore this, as the skintones are not included. Neither is the Forfica series Mk. II Ciem suit. That's for another upload.

Sims featured in screenshots are:
  • SCALLOP Combat Agent Randy Lapborn, Candi's new furlough supervisor in Ciem: Caldera after replacing the injured Jordan Grentzwell. (Think of him as being similar to a probation officer, who's also a soldier.)
  • Candi Flippo / Ciem (incarcerated for reckless mishandling of classified information, but still sometimes put on missions to save the world, like a one-girl Suicide Squad)
  • Patty Trean (in for writing a bad check, but a total sweetheart otherwise)
  • Tanya Woven (involuntary vehicular manslaughter. Based on real-life Taryn Twine, hence the likeness.)

Side note: As the photo of Heidi Lakin hopefully makes clear, I tried to get the hallway to somewhat remotely match a hallway from the actual show. (Whether it's from Unit 5 or 6, I can't recall, but I believe Heidi was staying in Unit 6, based on the volleyball tournament team assignments in which Taryn smoked everyone.)

Additional Credits:
Thanks should go to Netflix, Plum Pictures, the girls that featured on Girls Incarcerated, and the makers of Sims 4 Studio for making these mods possible.