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Halloween at the Farm

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Uploaded: 27th Oct 2019 at 7:54 PM
Get ready for the some cozy, heart-warming, family fun this Halloween!!

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This over-sized modern farmhouse suits a family that wants to have the low-key hobby farm experience - a few garden patches out back, sure, but no actual farm work. Mostly just lots of pretty trees, and a big yard for the kids to run around. And best of all, it's already decked out for a Halloween party! So invite the other kids from the neighbourhood to eat candy, carve pumpkins, and watch Hocus Pocus!

Though this home was built with all the modern amenities a busy upper-middle-class family needs, the structure itself has plenty of farmhouse-chic details: from the exposed beams in multiple rooms inside the house, to the chunky corbels on the exterior. A crisp black and white colour scheme is softened by both heart-warming seasonal decor, and the changing colours of the mature trees on the property.

The main floor of this house has a formal dining room and office, but the wow factor comes from the two-storey great room, which opens onto a covered outdoor dining area. The open-concept space includes a large kitchen and breakfast nook. Natural light fills the whole space, thanks to the large, unobstructed back-facing windows and doors.

Off the side of the kitchen, you'll find a mud room with tons of storage (and counter space for laundry!) that opens up to both the front and back yards. The master suite is also situated on the main floor; it comes with a four-piece bathroom, and also has direct access to the back deck.

The second floor landing has a view down into the great room (and the pretty plant ledge, above the back door). Here you'll find three moderate sized bedrooms for the kids (each with its own closet), as well as another full bathroom. The second floor also has a cozy nook facing the front of the house, perfect for the kids to study, work quietly on arts and crafts, or just curl up with a book.

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What could be better on a crisp fall evening than sitting on this deck, wrapped in a chunky blanket, sipping hot apple cider, and enjoying the view of your hobby farm?

I hope you find the perfect family to fill this home with happy memories!

Enjoy, and have a great Spoopy Season!

x x x x

Disclaimer: I did not own the Spooky Stuff pack at the time I built this house. There is no functional pumpkin-carving station included on this lot. I've simply created the look of a pumpkin-carving scene on the back deck using some carefully-placed clutter/decor objects.

I should really go get the Spooky Stuff pack right now K thx bye

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 141,967
Lot Price (unfurnished): 56,801