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New Pet Genetics - No More Skinny Clones [UPDATE 5/12/2020: New Flavors!]

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2020 at 9:49 AM
Updated: 22nd Jul 2020 at 9:15 PM
Hello everyone, this is my very first mod and I'm quite excited to share it will you all!
This mod gets rid of the skinny clones within your mother pet's litters.

Mod Information

I'm someone who plays with the Pets expansion a lot, and if you're like me you've noticed that when your pet has more than one kitten or puppy one of of the kittens or puppies is a skinnier clone of the other one, and after breeding your pets time and time again across playthroughs you kinda get tired of seeing it. Twins, triplets, or quadruplets in a litter are very possible but they don't happen constantly. Genetics are too diverse for that. Well, this mod was made to combat that problem! After this mod has been installed you will no longer get skinny clones of your kittens or puppies and when they grow up they'll no longer be a skinny mess that looks nothing like their parents.

However, I must tell you to be cautious when breeding pets with severely smushed in faces, pets with too small eyes, pets with too-small heads, or other such deformities as it will be very likely that the baby pets will inherit them and come out looking quite strange. Sometimes the pets born with these deformities will refuse to age up. For example, Babycakes Loveland has a very smushed in face and Mozart Miller has a strange facial structure, and by breeding them to each other and also different cats I found out that their offspring comes out very deformed, and although most of them will grow into themselves just fine sometimes they will keep these deformities when they grow up, if they grow up at all.

Update 5/12/2020: Flavors!

I have now added new flavors of this mod for those who want different chances of still getting the skinny baby pet body.

No More Skinny Clones: This version will get rid of the skinny clone pet body for good. There will be absolutely no chance of skinny clones of kittens or puppies within your litters.

Some Skinny Pets: This version will give you a 50% chance of getting skinny clones within your litters and a 50% chance of everyone in the litter being individuals.

A Chance Of Skinny Pets: This version will give you a 25% chance of getting skinny clones within your litters and a 25% chance of everyone in the litter being individuals.

Game Requirements

This mod requires you to have the Sims 3 Pets expansion, but that's pretty obvious.

Enjoy! Have fun breeding your beloved animals!