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Eyeliner for Cats

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2012 at 12:24 PM
Eyeliner for cats is what first prompted me to learn how to make regional markings. Although one of the forehead stripe markings has this, I wanted some without the stripes. Thus I embarked on learning and made eyeliner. However, in a shuffle of moving stuff around and dealing with path updates, I lost my original project.

However, I have revived it! Brought to you by popular demand, I present to you not one, not two, but three different eyeline looks!

Have a gander!

Type A and B are only one channel, however, type C, as you can see from the screenshot, has two recolourable channels. One thin line along the contours of the eye that dips down at the inner corners, and the larger, outer portion.

Feel free to use these however you please so long as you don't use it to make money in any way. That would make me grumpy. You won't like me when I'm grumpy.