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Phaer Manor [NOCC]

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2020 at 11:19 AM
Updated: 31st Jul 2020 at 8:18 PM
UPDATE 31/07/20: Decided to add the populated house file as well as the uninhabited version, so you too can play with my witchy OCs! Should probably upload better pics of them at some point too....

Wow, back from the dead again!

Been rather busy as of late. I'm at uni now, I moved house and I've been playing on my new Switch. Still managed to come back to my true love The Sims 3 though! Mainly because things have kinda dried up lately for reasons...

So long story short, I decided to reinstall The Sims 1 because I was nostalgic for the magic system in that game. Made an exclusive, matrilineal clan/coven of sapphic witches to play with. Ended up falling in love with the characters I'd made so now I'm recreating them in all the Sims games. Of course, I put my TS3 versions of them in Moonlight Falls, but I needed a nice mansion befitting of such an elite clan of witches.

So here we are, after 4 days of work: Phaer Manor!

> Pronunciation note: say it like 'fair'. It's based on an old spelling of an ancestral surname in my family (Phayer/Fair)

This manor is purpose-built for these 3 basically-OCs of mine, so not all rooms are furnished. Namely a bedroom on the 1st floor, and the super-duper-top-secret attic space accessed from the master bedroom. I will be filling these as my gameplay needs it; feel free to do the same if you download this.

As for the rest of the house, there is: a kitchen/dining room, a grand hallway, 3 small bathrooms (plus an IP all-in-one bathroom), a sparsely-furnished nursery, a witchcraft/alchemy room, 2 furnished bedrooms, a greenhouse, and extensive outdoor grounds including a large greenhouse and spaces for planting fruit trees.

The decor throughout the house is very inspired by the formidable head of the Phaer clan, Regentia. She's into black and deep red tones, as you will see. The outdoors also have hints of her, but that is more the realm of her green-thumbed partner Ariadne. She, as you will notice, prefers purple and dark pink colours. Finally there is the youngest member of the clan, biological child of Ariadne and stepchild of Regentia, Serpentia. You will see that her bedroom is full dark greens and blacks, with little in the way of toys around in line with her stern and serious nature. I have also uploaded these sims to this post as well. You may see them poking around in a couple of the preview images too.

As this lot is built for/in Moonlight Falls, it may not perfectly suit other worlds so take this into consideration if you use it in other worlds. The colour schemes are made to suit the lighting in that world and I haven't checked how it looks in other worlds. To be fair though, I can't imagine this lot suiting Starlight Shores too well...

Another issue to consider is that entering build/buy mode may take a while due to it being a large and densely-decorated lot and for some reason this game loves to reload every single object on the lot whenever you enter/leave BB. Probably best not to install this lot if your PC is on death's door.

Please note that although this lot is officially CC-free, I do use some default replacements that vastly improve the appearance of the lot.
These are not required content, but explain why my screenshots may look slightly different to a purely vanilla game:
- Aminovas' lavender defaults in purple
- HystericalParoxysm's plant defaults
- JaneSamborski's wood pattern texture replacements
- Blyss' window lighting fixes
- Simsl3gacies' no glow mod

Thank you for reading, browsing, downloading etc.

Ground floor:

1st floor:

2nd floor:

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 390,674
Lot Price (unfurnished): 270,148

Additional Credits:
Aminovas, HystericalParoxysm, JaneSamborsk, Blyss, Simsl3gacies and many others not mentioned here for their cosmetic default replacements which make this lot (and my game as a whole) look even better!

COVID-19 for giving me the time to spend 4 days' work on a single lot (3 of which were spent on making the shell and landscaping!)