Bastian Héroux

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- Bastian Héroux

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- Flip Flops: by Jasumi

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Pious about bodybuilding, Xavier's cousin Bastian has a passion that has unfortunately resulted in Xavier?s contemplative nature and lack of confidence. Despite this, the two get alone quite well. Bastian is pretty vain about exercising his muscles, both in the gym and in making himself useful, hoping that he'll get more attention from the girls.

Age Group: Young Adult
Supernatural Type: Human

Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Commitment Issues, Flirty, Handy
Lifetime Wish: Master Romancher

Favourite Food: Stir-Fry
Favourite Music: Dark Wave
Favourite Colour: Black
Voice: 2

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Additional Credits:
- MasterController was used while working on Bastian.