Viatwagen Osaka GTS

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2020 at 3:42 PM
Boxy sporty goodness. Now THIS is a complete starter car if you ever need one.

So, if you hated that busted Sloppy Jalopy exhaust note, it's gone. And it fits 4 passengers!

Yes, another Base Game remesh. A sloppy jalopy retex with script borrowed from Wornado Triage. CAStable 3 channels. Same as the Sloppy Jalopy. Don't mind me. I love the base game cars. And i think overrealistic cars breaks the lore. I like my cars simlish.

It will give you a new car smell buff, lol. So, let's just pretend fuel leaks, burning rubber and smoky brake pads are your thing!

Not much else to add. Started as a sporty version of the Sloppy, ended up being a whole new car. The extended wheelbase was a pain to figure, but BloomBase's - TSRW - Vehicles, How? tutorial came to the rescue (

It's all there, you just need to read it and reread until it starts to make sense. Trial, error, success!

So, this is the last of my two really, really desired cars for the game ever since i first started playing it long ago. A third may be a 4 door sedan version of the Sloppy Jalopy. We'll see. If the creation bugs start iching again, i'll give it a shot. For now, enjoy!

Object Info:

Object name: Viatwagen Osaka GTS
Price: $1580
Catalog Location: Buy Mode / By function / Vehicles / Cars

Expansions required:

Polygon Counts:
HLOD: 3969
MLOD: 3969
LLOD: none / Absent in basegame

Additional Credits:
MTS for hosting
EA basegame for mesh

Tools used:

-S3pe Addons
-Gimp 2.10.20
-Milkshape 1.8.5 Licensed Version
-TSRW 2.0.88
-BloomBase's - TSRW - Vehicles, How? tutorial