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Male Ballet Clothing

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2020 at 12:44 PM
I wasn't overly fond of the Maxis ballet clothing for men, especially if I wanted a sim to look like a professional dancer.

So I cut the bottoms off the Maxis ballet tights and made them into separates. I did the same to Cocomama's teen conversion and made an elder version too. Then I cut the bottoms off a child outfit I had downloaded (that I cannot credit as I can neither remember the creator nor find them on Google) too.

I also made separates of the tops from two of Mirkwood Sims' ballet outfits.

The bottoms come in black and white separates for child, teen, adult and elder males. They are available for Everyday and Athletic, but you'll need tops that are also flagged as Athletic in order to use them in the Athletic category. Separates flagged as something other than Everyday don't show up in Bodyshop or CAS, but you can buy them and see them when you're planning your wardrobe.

The tops are separates for adult male only. They are also flagged as Everyday and Athletic. They come in purple and blue.

Everything has fat morphs.

Thanks to:

Mirkwood Sims, for the tops' mesh and textures.
Cocomama, for the teen conversion of the Maxis ballet outfit.

Polygon Counts:
cmballetbottoms = 690
emballetbottoms = 828
tmballetbottoms = 828
amballettop = 2004
amballetbottoms = 864