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Puff Sleeved Nighties for Female Toddlers

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2022 at 2:55 PM
I had always had it in the back of my mind to make a toddler version of my puff sleeved nighties here, but I never had an acceptable top mesh. But while making a totally different outfit I discovered Trapping's dress here and decided to try those sleeves. The bottom part I took from Cocomama's nightgown here.

The textures are still from fakepeep7's sleeveless nighties here and the top piece off this mesh.

The nighties come in 7 colours. Blue, green, pink, lavender, yellow, white and cream. They are full body sleepwear outfits for toddler female. They have Bloom's sexy feet. All the colours can be seen in my child nightie upload. I realised while trying to take toddler pictures that toddlers do not pose well.

I also added, after uploading my child nighties, a dirty recolour for poor families. I made the dirty recolour for toddlers too and have also uploaded the child recolour if anyone wants it.

Thanks to:

Trapping, for the top mesh.
Cocomama, for the bottom mesh.
fakepeeps7, for the textures.
Bloom, for his sexy feet.

Polygon Counts:

pfpuffnightie = 3588