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Sulani Cliff House

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2021 at 4:58 AM
Updated: 19th Jan 2021 at 2:13 AM
Sitting on top of cliffs on the former Chieftains Villa lot in Sulanis Ohan Ali Town neighborhood this modern wood and glass house provides incredible sea views and lots of stuff to stay relaxed and entertained.
Modern white furnishings with dark brown wood walls, lots of native vegetation inside and out and a green grass roof will make you feel one with nature.

Ascend two stories up and enter the third floor of the house which is the main level. It has an open floor plan with kitchen and big island, dining room, bar area, TV with custom fire place, piano and a bubble blower lounge. There is a gallery looking down into the massage room and a big open stair hall stretches over three floors. The house is surrounded by terraces with lots of planting, a pool, BBQ, dining and lounging areas.

Second Floor: Here you will find a big indoor garden with lots of native vegetation and a little fountain with a yoga mat. There is access to the massage room with another fountain and tropical plantings. Right next to it you will find the sauna.
A bedroom with en-suite bathroom is located on this level as well. It has access to a green terrace with a swing and sitting area.

Fourth Floor: This is the master floor with the bedroom a Walk-In-Closet and a big spa-like bathroom. There is a study/library with an easel, a gym and access to the terraces that surround the whole floor.

Have moveobjects on when placing
Place on Chieftains Villa lot in Sulanis Ohan Ali Town neighborhood so the cliffs will blend right in
There are downsized fireplaces under the platform next to the TV sofa, lower it and light up the fireplaces.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 241,251