Painting "Deadmoon"

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Uploaded 4th Jun 2021 at 11:38 AM

P/S: This picture shows my character from the new project "Dark middle earth". I really like this character, and since I have released pictures with the image of the city "Tara" I wanted to make his portrait too =). The base of the frame is taken from the Sims 4 game "Painting Count Vladislaus Straud I." This is not a conversion per se - the base has been changed.

Functionality: Painting
Located: Decoration / Paintings and posters
Cost: § 1000
How many channels of repainting: 1
Polygon count: 648 (Vertices: 799; Triangles: 648)
What kit is needed: The World Adventure add-on must be installed
Format: Package
Number of paintings: 3
Language: English
Translation: Russian

1. Unpack the archive.
2. Add a picture along the way: Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Mods / Packages.
3. Start the game.