Animal Shop!

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2021 at 3:47 AM
Updated: 1st Nov 2022 at 10:07 PM
Compatible Patch (01/11/2022)[/u]

Welcome to "Animal Shop"! Tired of chasing NPC around the forest just to buy some clothing for your dear Llama? Feeling devastated when you find out you have to repeat it again next day because the clothing you want isn't there? Then chase no further!

"Animal Shop" has decided to open up for all Sims who has phones (you do have phones right? Right?) With a click of your thumb you are now able to buy all the clothing for all our dear animal friends. Llamas, Cows, Chickens, Rabbits, yes even the sly Fox! And if you are feeling particularly fancy you can even buy them a treat or two or 8794579804 (just don't complain if your Llama can't enter the barn)
Spoil your furry friend with fancy clothing and treats!

Oh my! Our store has certainly expended, we are now proud to say that we now sell wool from those pesky Llamas! We had Hilda here shear all our colorful Llamas so you didn't have to or in case you were being lazy. We are also selling some kind of dinglehopper, wait, isn't that a fork? Anyway, it's used to upgrade the coop and barns or something, never been a tech Llama myself.

We will now like to introduce our new furry friends, dog, cats and rodents.

Which version to get:
Only choose 1 version.
Here you can see what feature each version has.

Animal Shop:
- NO delivery methods all is instant and ends up in the inventory without a fee.
- Sells animal clothing, livestock feed, wool, livestock upgrade part, as well as dog, cat and rodent stuff.

Animal ShopOnlyClothing:
- NO delivery methods all is instant and ends up in the inventory without a fee.
- Sells animal clothing ONLY.
No longer supported.

How to install:

Unzip AnimalShop -> Drop package into your mod -> Done!

You need the Xml-injector else it won't work!

  • Cottage Living.
  • XML-Injector -
Not Needed but if you want the stuff related to it to show up, you need them.
  • Knitting Stuff Pack, for the clothing related to knitting to shows up.
  • Dogs and Cats, if you want stuff related to show up.

Should be none.


Supports Lot51's Simzlink. If you use the mod you need net before you can use the shop on PC. Phone reminds unchanged. If you do not use this mod then nothing has changed.

MizoreYukii - For helping out.
Bloodfiremage - For helping out.
ChippedSim - For the suggestion on how to do it.
Scumbumbo - For XML-Injector.
Zer0 - For a guide that helped explain section I was stuck at.
The Llama on the picture is from EA's gameplay video. I claim no rights!
Sims in the picture made by - Fantazia.
frankk - Script.
lot51 - For helping out.

Translation Credits:
French - Braville16
Czech - Mikaela_Lovett.

More info
While I will make sure that the important updates are announced here as well regarding to the mod, I do have a Patreon where I post things like WIP, or if any upcoming issues/update on mods are coming soon. Of course once it is released I WILL update here as well.
Everything on my patreon is 100% free and will remain so. Patreon