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Simoland - An Artificial Simolean Lagoon for your Rich Sims

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2021 at 3:08 PM
In the opulence of SimCity the citizens have paid with their taxes the most capricious whims of high-level life, What is this... A lagoon of Simoleon scene?? where are the most excessive sims? A good question to answer presumably with this map of neighborhood city, downtown, or whatever you and your elitist sims want, anyway there is enough money for everyone, and space also ; )

"Come all the wealthy to the heart of the economy with the jewel of simcity".

This is a 100% buildable map with the roads in the visible area and fully playable with the default camera settings, just make sure you place all the files from the zip in the SC4Terrains folder of your The Sims 2 folder in my Documents. Good Game :#3