Quad Hill Island - A multiple and combinated haven

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2022 at 11:10 PM
Where the princesses, pirates and also the misguided and helpless seek revenge keeps hide?, it can even be a nice refuge for those exiled for some other reason apart from being ugly townies?. However you want it, this map terrain is charming and adaptable to the degree of having enough space and with a multiple and diversified distribution. If someone is lost, they are probably here to forget their misdeeds or find a quiet and discreet place in a small but diverse point and protected far from the mainland, even found a new empire.

► Map type: Island

► Landscaping: Isle with Hills

► Town Mapping: Medium.

► Gameplay: No need camera hack.

► Ground Geography: 55% Land and 45% Water.

► Terrain floor: 1st aan 2nd flat from sea level.

► Relief of the neighborhood: Coastal with cribbed Valley.

► Habitable zoning: Steped semi flattened.

► City growth: Townhome, Midtown.

► Road expansion: Mixed.

► Land covered by roads: 25%.

► Functionality: Mainhood, Shopping district, Vacation or Uni.

So Happy Simming! :#3