Gardener's Grove (CC FREE!)

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Uploaded: 25th Dec 2021 at 6:13 AM
Updated: 24th Dec 2021 at 1:40 AM
The Gardener's Grove, a quaint starter* home for the outdoors inclined Sim.

Now, you may have noticed the lot... has a pun. That's because studies at the Mod The Sims CC Research Center have shown that lots with puns in the title get, on average, 73% more downloads than other, non-punny, lots. And you can help that statistic come true!

The lot itself is practically designed to thrive with a garden enthusiast. From the organically sourced roof, to the location right above rich clay sediments, to the colors of the porch giving the back a five-star purple aura or whatever else new-age nonsense real estate CEOs can use to boost sales. But for real, the landscaping and the garden are prime for exciting green ventures.

But of course, a lot isn't a garden only, it's a house too! Let's start with the outside. The porch here is placed cozily, allowing afternoon neighbor spying to be completed with ease.

Then goes the main attraction: the garden. With a couple of trees and shrubs there, most of the dirtspace was left empty so as to allow the homeowner to personalize their gardening. And theres a quaint cast-iron table, so that you can enjoy your garden with some nice tea.

Let's enter the house! You probably noticed the bay window, an essential for making a house look complete. Also, you may think the sofa and the TV are placed slightly "awkwardly", but everyone knows making things diagonal is how you make realistic houses in the Sims. And we can't forget about the fireplace! A great place to burn your dead plants.

Next is the kitchen, small but it has everything you need. The dining room follows this philosophy too: simple, clean-cut, not too ornate.

(You may notice the kitchen walls are covered in paneling, and that's for two reasons: one, using the dead skin of your friends as wallpaper will make you look like a totally rad metal hardcore gardener, and 2, wood paneling and plants are like, the two most 70s things ever, so combining them was natural.)

Finally, upstairs. Surprise, it's a loft! (Is that the correct term? Think so...) Yaya, here you sleep, dress, etcetera.

The bathroom, probably the smallest room, is here too. Like last time, not too much to say.

The Damage:
Unfurnished: 14,632
Furnished: 17,843
*Note: Since the furnished price is 17K, it teeechnically doesn't count as a starter home... but there's nothing a couple o' familyfunds and kachings CAN'T do.

EPs Needed:
Ambitions for Flower Terrain
Uni for Windows, Porch Fence, and Front Door
All Others for Miscellaneous Furnishing

Dependencies CCs Required:
None. It's your lucky day!

Enjoy, and Save the Turtles!