Choose Your Own Boots, Shoes, Gloves & Helmet

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Uploaded 24th Nov 2020 at 6:17 PM · Updated 7th Sep 2021 at 9:52 PM by TwelfthDoctor1 : Version 1.44

Compatibility Updates

This mod is should work with The Sims 4 Version 1.70, However if you have any LE issues, please report them on my Discord Server


Version 1.44

Fixed an issue with the Ski/Snowboard Buff showing up for Sims who are loaning equipment. Injection has also been updated to support preferences for snowboarding and skiing.

Version 1.43

Fixed issue with Gloves & Climbing Shoes preference not showing up.

Version 1.42

Updated libraries to simplify tunings.

Version 1.41

Minor Logging additions implemented for Sims 4 Logger & the MasterApprentice Logger.

Version 1.40

Kids can now customise their Ski Boots, Snowboard Boots and Bowling shoes. Just be sure to remove the old mods before updating.

Version 1.30

Sims can now choose their shoe preference for Bowling.

Version 1.20

Female Sims can now equip helmets with goggles.

Version 1.10

All the Pie Menus have been consolidated into one main Pie Menu. Also I have fixed an issue regarding the interactions appearing on TargetSims.

Mod Description

This mod basically allows your Sims to have their own preference for the ski boots, snowboard boots, climbing shoes, gloves & helmet should you choose to do so. (I hate it when we don't get preferences for the tiny things that Sims do, such as Skiing.)

To choose your Sim?s colour preference, you can click your sim and find the interactions:
  • Choose Boot Color: Skis
  • Choose Boot Color: Snowboard
  • Choose Color: Climbing Shoes
  • Choose Color: Gloves
  • Choose Color: Helmet
  • Choose Color: Bowling Shoes

Each category will have its own colours. When you choose your colour preference a particular item (i.e. Ski Boots), you will notice that your Sim will not be wearing the said item. That item will only be applied when they go to ski/snowboard or equip their climbing gear (applies to Climbing Shoes, Gloves and Helmet).

For Choose Color: Helmet, you get the choice of equipping a version with no goggles and another with it.

If you chose None, your Sim will use the default buffs for the various interactions (Random for Skiing and Snowboard and Blue/Light Blue for Climbing Gear).

Note: For Climbing Gear, it is highly recommended to choose your preference for both climbing shoes and gloves if your Sim is going to rock climb. (It?s your choice, if your Sim have shoes that fits the wintery aesthetics, you can choose to set climbing shoes as none).

Additional Credits:
- S4S

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Tags: #Snowy Escape, #Skiing, #Snowboarding, #Rock Climbing