3 happy bunny tees for teen girls

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Uploaded: 1st May 2022 at 10:42 PM
"betp, what is this?"

Short answer:

Recolors of the base game t-shirt. Captions are in Simlish.

They say:

"me want punch you"
"you smell like butts"
"it's cute how you think i care"

Long answer:

I am at that very special time in every persons's life where they remember that they are now grown and start feeling inexplicable fondness for things they saw when they were younger.

Around when this game and its expansion packs were coming out, these t-shirts were very popular at my school. If you aren't familiar, It's Happy Bunny was just a cartoon bunny that would say impossibly rude things. Get it? It's a cute thing but it's saying something edgy! When the shirts were a success, you'd start seeing them on pencil cases and stickers and such. Happy Bunny showed up in Hot Topic and was everywhere for a couple years. Then it vanished just as suddenly as it appeared.

So, if you'd like to relive my teen years through your sims, here are three designs of the classic original Happy Bunny t-shirts, with its characteristically insulting captions in a font that I think looks like Simlish.

The butts one was the first one I ever saw. I think I went home and told my mother about the hilarious t-shirt I saw that day and she wrinkled her nose in confusion. Who can blame her? Parents just don't get it. She wouldn't buy it for me.