Rockie Hills - a cozy valley

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2022 at 12:25 PM
I was creating this because I ran out of space at all in the Three lakes (like no one else has probably thought... hehehe), so this may as well be close to there, or wherever you want... Either way this has enough roads to be a decent suburb or hood. The world is yours!

► Map type: Scenery Valley

► Landscaping: Lakes and Mountain Hills

► Town Mapping: Medium.

► Gameplay: Visible area with default camera.

► Ground Geography: 75% Land and 25% Water.

► Terrain floor: 1st flat from sea level.

► Relief of the neighborhood: Springy mountainous.

► Habitable zoning: flattened.

► City growth: Townhome, Midtown.

► Road expansion: Mixed.

► Land covered by roads: 30%.

► Functionality: Mainhood, Shopping district, Vacation.

Happy Simming! ;//D