Stop Swinging Before You Puke

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2022 at 11:46 AM
I got annoyed by my sims getting nauseous from swinging on the swing set, so I created this mod. Instead of becoming nauseous, sims will receive a "warning buff" and automatically stop swinging. If a sim starts swinging again while the warning buff is still active, there is a high chance that they will then become nauseous as usual.

Pack Requirements: requires at least 1 of the packs that contain a swing set (Seasons, Island Living, and Little Campers Kit)

Mod Details:
  • The "No More Swinging!" moodlet is a +1 fine moodlet
  • Sims swinging on the swing set (both alone and being pushed) have the same chance of receiving the "No More Swinging!" moodlet as they normally have of receiving the nauseous moodlet from swinging alone an unmodded game (2.5% chance every 5 sim minutes)
  • Sims will automatically stop swinging when they receive the "No More Swinging!" moodlet. In other words, they will stop swinging before they puke.
  • If a sim swings while the "No More Swinging!" moodlet is active, they will likely (10% chance every 5 sim minutes) receive the nausea moodlet that is normally given by the swing sets. I'm giving them a chance to be reasonable, but I won't stop them if they want to be stupid.
  • It appears there may be a bug in the game's tuning files which gives the nausea moodlet to the sim that is pushing another sim on the swing instead of the one that is being pushed. I switched that so it works as expected.
  • For some reason, normally the chance of receiving the nausea buff with the push/be pushed interaction is drastically lower than when a sim is swinging alone (reduced to 2.5% chance every 30 sim minutes). Because of this, I only encountered issues with the above bug when increasing the chances for testing purposes. I do not care about this enough to try and duplicate the bug in an unmodified game, but I'd be interested to know if anyone has encountered it.

Compatibility: Not compatible with any other mod that changes the following XML files
  • 00000000-000000000002DF38 si_swingSet_PushTarget
  • 00000000-000000000002DF2D si_SwingSet_PushSwing
  • 00000000-000000000002D72E SwingSet_SoloSwing
  • 00000000-000000000002E0CC loot_Buff_Sickness_NeedToPuke_SwingSet