Midday Gardens - Multifunction Community lot - NO CC

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Uploaded 27th Jun 2022 at 3:35 PM

This community lot is ideal for those of you who, like me, love a multifunctional lot. I use this lot pretty much everytime I need/want to send my sims Downtown, whatever the reason may be. It's got a nice restaurant, a clothes store, a little café, a disco and a nice little park in the back. You can potentially rearrange all the functions inside if you don't like what I got going on.

Building A - "La Casupola"
In the western building, you will find the restaurant. It's your typical classy restaurant, ideal if your Sim wants to take their significant other on a date. The name La Casupola is Italian for "the hut", as it is loosely inspired by restaurants in Italy (where I'm from).

Building B - H&M, the Cozy Café and Club Hydro
Building B is where the life is at. On the bottom floor, you'll find a small H&M and a little café (which, in my experience, has sadly never attracted very many customers. However, it's perfect if your Sim is in need of a buck, as they can work in the cafeteria for §16/hour if I'm not mistaken). On this floor you'll also find a photo booth, that your Sims can use to pleasantly end their date... with pictures I mean, of course.

On the top floor - and I realize it's an unusual location for a club - is a disco where my Sims love to dance all night long. The main attraction here is the two hot tubs on the balcony, which will likely become the hotspot of the lot when you play in it. If you want your Sim to meet new people without too much effort, make sure to claim your spot in one of the two tubs as soon as they arrive.

The Midday Gardens
On the back of the lot is my favourite part: the Gardens. On one side, children will find entrertainment in the playground; on the other, I personally like to send my Sims to cuddle under the stars. I imagined it as a little picnic area, even though sadly that's not a thing in the game.
(As a sidenote: if you catch the reference of where I got the name "Midday Gardens" from, I'll love you forever! :D)

I know that as far as gardens go, these are by far not the biggest or most luscious. I always try to be as practical as I can in respect to my own gameplay needs, and I wanted to make a lot that had some nice landscaping without excessively slowing down my game, at the expense of the size of the lot.
I realize this lot might not cater to everyone, but I like how it turned out and wanted to share. Hopefully someone out there finds this useful too
You can pretty much do whatever you want with it, go ahead and change up all of the functions if you so desire! Just maybe don't go ahead and reupload it on here afterwards, lol.
Thank you and enjoy!