Sims 3 Mod Organizer

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2022 at 1:25 PM
Updated: 10th Jul 2022 at 10:11 AM
This tool is still in alpha so please backup your saves and mods before experimenting with it!

Requires .NET 6.0 Runtime

Check out this awesome detailed tutorial by desiree101!


Inspired by Mod Organizer/Mod Organizer 2 for Bethesda games, I brought to you Mod Organizer for Sims 3. This is a tool intended to streamline modding. No more not knowing which packages are conflicting with each other, no more worrying about whether to put into packages folder or override folder, because this tool will show every single conflicts between every packages, and you decide which packages shall be the winner.

Current features:
  • Allow to organize all your packages into individual folders, this folder is termed a "mod" within context of this tool.
  • Show conflicts between all the mods, and conflicts between packages within the mod.
  • Reorder the mods easily to decide the conflict winner, the tool will merge all the packages following the priority order.
  • Fastest merging with the smallest size, since the conflicted resources are ignored and skipped.
  • The merged build size can be altered as well as its priority within Sims 3 Mods folder resource.cfg.
  • Able to open every packages to see the content inside, without the need to open s3pe.
  • Different profiles for different mod setup. (Will be able to manage profile saves eventually)
  • Built in cache cleaner, the cache being cleaned are configurable.
  • Built in way to extract Sims3Pack. (For now it's just extracting)

Upcoming features:
  • Themes
  • Manage profile specific saves, library etc.

This tool is still in development, currently missing features:

User Manual

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