Veronaville Public Pool - No CC

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Uploaded 29th Jun 2022 at 8:56 PM

First upload!

I recently started playing Veronaville and I though it would be nice to have a pool community lot, just like the other basegame hoods have. I looked online for a community pool to match Veronaville but I couldn't find one that I liked.

I'm not really a builder but I actually like how this one turned out, so I decided to share it.

- Pool 15x11 tiles, with 2 ladders, 1 diving board and 1 slide.
- 2 grill areas, each consisting of: 1 grill, 1 table and 4 chairs.
- 4 lounge chairs.
- Big parking lot.
- 2 restrooms/ changing rooms (female and male), each consisting of: 3 toilet stalls, 3 sinks, 2 gym lockers, 3 showers and 4 tiles of seating.

I usually like to include a siting area for the changing rooms, just an unnecessary but realistic detail. I used the Nighlife sectional sits for this upload, but in my personal game I use d4RE's community lot benches. Still, I wanted to keep this CC free because that's what I personally prefer when downloading lots.

I also made sure it was sufficiently illuminated at night.

Custom content pictured but not included:
- HugeLunatic's community phone default.
- curiousb's terrain defaults.
- greatcheesecakepersona's skylines.
- Sancta Sanctorum's The great sky of totalitarianism.