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Maxis Cheerleader Outfit with E-Neillan's Dua Sweater

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2021 at 4:22 PM
BourgeoisBanana had originally asked for an undershirt to make the AF Maxis Cheerleading outfit less skimpy for a vintage hood. When they posted a picture of what they wanted, however, it was a skirt with a sweater over the top. E-Neillan kindly gave me permission to use his Dua Sweater, so I put that over the outfit and recoloured it. I then sized it down to fit over the TF cheerleader outfit as well. I use Rudhira's default replacement for the cheerleader outfit, with a shoe swap to better sneakers, so the new mesh has those shoes. Mine is not a DR though. It comes in the two Maxis colours and is available for everyday and athletic. There are fat morphs, but no preg morphs. The women in the dark colour are showing the fat morph.


Polygon Counts:
afcheerleadersweater = 9444
tfcheerleadersweater = 9444