Diphylleia - Populated Custom Neighborhood (+ No CC and Empty versions)

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"Even if a flower's petal wither, it will never forget its true color.
Diphylleia is facing many problems at once and the choice of a new mayor does not seem to please everyone. Will summer return to bring peace to this rainy city?"

Welcome to Diphylleia, your new Sims 2 Neighborhood!
Diphylleia is a neighborhood formed by two large islands connected by a bridge. One island is more residential, which the majority of the population lives and has a few community lots. The other island is where only the richest families lives and has most of the community lots. Both have beach lots.

Main story:
The Aurora family, founders of the neighborhood, live on the richest island. They have been going through grief since Aurora, the mayor, died. Now, the election day is set and Charlotte, Aurora's oldest daughter, got elected as mayor! In the celebration party, someone unexpected came... It was Elisa, Charlotte's evil sister, who decided to return home just to ruin her sister government.

During the party, Elisa met Nicolas, the son of Christtoper Walls, the richest men in Diphylleia. She had an affair with Christtopher but since he is far away from Diphylleia, she feels somehow attracted to Nicolas... After all, he looks a lot like his father... Well, Elisa just does not know that Christtopher never left and he seems very happy to after finding out that she is back.

Can Zuri Okanlawon, a sucessful journalist, catch this love triangle and ruin Charlotte's image - as Elisa wishes?

UPDATE 26/06
If you play this neighborhood in a language other than English (US, not UK), the game will randomize the names of the sims. I fixed this by making English the default language.

I also added sim biographies of Christtopher Walls, Dave Achilles, Lola Clearance, Rocky Ginko Scott Clearance and Tori Gúzman.

Neighborhood info
This neighborhood has 3 versions: the Normal one (needs CC only in CAS), the No CC one and the Empty one (unpopulated and with only lots). The Normal and the No CC versions uses the NID LEIA, while the Empty version uses the NID LEI4, this way you can have a populated neighborhood and an empty one in your game.

All these three have 39 lots: 20 community lots, 13 residential lots, 4 apartments lots and 2 empty residential lots. 2 community, 3 residential and 1 apartment are beach lots. 4 community lots are owned bussiness (you can change this). They also feature an animated preview of the neighborhood (.reia file). You don't need a camera mod to see the full neighborhood!

The Normal and No CC versions have 15 active households and 3 households in Sim Bin, all these have descriptions, sims biographies and memories. I also did a few townies but the EA townies got created anyway, so you will have 158 sims in this neighborhood. Townies and NPCs does not have biographies except for "Christtoper Walls", "Dave Achilles", "Lola Clearance", "Scott Clearance", "Rocky Ginko" and "Tori Gúzman". **In the No CC version, I only edited the active households so you may find some townies missing hair or clothing!**

These both versions offers you only 3 seasons: Winter (14 days), Spring (7 days) and Summer (7 days), to match the storyline of long winter and small summer. Both have a neighborhood story as you can check in the pictures but it does not have families stories, this way you can be free to create your own storyline! Also, there are screenshots and snapshots as well, some houses have frame pictures too.

Families info

Lots info

Custom Content Required
You only have to download these CC if you wish to play the Normal version! Otherwise, skip this part. **I did not list my defaults as you do not really need them to play the hood... Still, if you wish to have the default skin/eyes/hair I use in my game, ask me and I will try finding it for you!**

- This neighborhood is NOT Super Collection compatible;
- It is ONLY avaiable in English (for now);
- The lots are already compressed;
- There is a .txt file with instructions in both English and Brazilian Portuguese;
- If you notice an error during your gameplay or an important item missing (like a stair or a door), PLEASE send me a message and I will fix that!

Special Thanks:
- to the K-pop singer Jonghyun, whose song "Diphylleia grayi" inspired me to do this neighborhood (may he rest in peace.);
- to Suhina-Lempi for creating the terrain map "Mirador" that was used to create this neighborhood;
- to TwoJeff for creating SimBlender;
- to Quaxi for creating SimPE;
- to treea for creating Freezer Clock;
- to Abby (deactivated), Ang / Yagisims (deactivated), Screaming Mustard for their poseboxes that were used in most snapshots;
- to SilentLucidity for creating OSMP;
- to ammar2 for creating Sims 2 .reia Tool
- to Mootilda for creating HoodReplace, HoodChecker and Lot Compressor;
- to Jawusa for creating this tutorial.