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Riverview City - Updated 04/01/2021

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2020 at 1:28 AM
Updated: 19th May 2021 at 5:05 PM - Updated files with fixes
Updated 04/01/2021

The Subhood Version, please could you make sure you back up the hood you wish to attach it to! Even though it is cleaned and no issues before attaching, (checked via hood checker) for some reason, once attached there is some inconsistencies with memories, so if attached, please run it through Hood Checker to fix these memories. Thank you!

Went through every Sim and made changed the default names to appear the same in all games (hopefully)

Added a new download file, a PDF listing all the playable Sims (no townies) with their "official names" incase anyone has the randomized name glitch

Welcome to Riverview City!

From Mansions to Starter homes, Riverview City is a big City with a few suburban areas to explore. Experience the nightlife deep within the City and try to understand the mysterious Locals.
Whether you are a rich Sim or a poor Sim you will find something here that suits your needs.
And if you don't, then at least you will try to attempt to gather everyone's secrets?

Community lots - 17
Residential lots - 56
Empty Residential - 3
Residential Beach Lot - 1

Families - left to right in photos above
11 Families in total


Hello, hope you are all well?

There is some CC used in the building and decoration of the hood, though it is not essential,

To be able to see the whole map, I recommend using GunMods Camera mod to view the whole lot;

This map was run through Hood Checker numerous times, there are no issues.

Any problems let me know!

Enjoy your new hood!

Riverview City - Requires The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
Once downloaded and extracted should see a "CITY" folder.
Place the "CITY" folder straight into your Neighborhood folder in your Desktop,
I have the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection so this is the file path for that.
C:\Users\alext\Documents\EA Games\The Sims? 2 Ultimate Collection\Neighborhoods

**Custom Content**
Build and Buy Custom Content;
Maxis Match Tie Back Curtains - 90 Recolors
Modest Embankment Set For hood
Wallpaper under stairs rail

Some CC I use to make my game look like how it does but is not required;

Distant Terrain and Clouds
Neighborhood Tree Default Replacements
CRIQUETTE’S LINDEN TREES as default replacements
Skin Replacements Maxis Match
Default Replacement Terrain Textures

If names are randomized / changed;

Update – More Fixes 04/01/2021
Subhood Make sure you run through Hood Checker once you have attached it to your hood.
Bertha Crumplebottom - She now has the ability to remarry!
Random Names - I have now set all names to be default only, so that should mean that the names are all the same in any language.
Random Sim Children having LTWs - This has been removed. Not sure how they got them.

Update – Added PDF - List of Sims 03/01/2021
- This can be found in the downloads section. Incase names are still randomized.

Update – The Fixes 30/12/2020
- Adjusted ages for Zoe Harrison and the Moore family.
- Renamed Antionio Bachelor to Antonio Bachelor.
- Adding missing want slots to graduated Sims.
- Added LTA milestone counts back into all Sims.
- Malcolm Landgraab VIII snuck out with Henry Parker now, not Henry Cotton.
- Zoe Harrison now knows Malcolm Landgraab VII.
- Bertha’s Diner is now not an owned lot in the empty version.
- Mr.Humble will not appear as a playable Sim on 130 Capp Avenue in the empty version, weird one that?
- A few Community lots had “The Lady in Red” painting spammed on the lot, these have been removed.
- I have attached a Subhood version, please back up any hood you attach this too! Make sure to run via Hood Checker once attached.

KNOWN ERRORS - Please note, that any issues that come up I will list here, before fixing. Once fixed, I will put with the other fixes above.
Bertha Crumplebottom - she is a witch, however, in some games her face is normal, but her skin has the witch green. This is a known bug with witches, sometimes can be fixed by removing the make-up and updating it again. Can not find a fix for this sadly.