Critical Fix: Portal Deletion Fix (Now Includes NIGHTLIFE fix)

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Uploaded 14th Aug 2005 at 2:28 AM · Updated 11th Nov 2008 at 6:56 AM by Christy1077

This is fixed in the patches from maxis found on the sims2 site. Please uninstall the portal fix package before installing any patch.

This is a critical fix that will stop at least one code error which would result in the disappearance of portals/mailbox.

Symptoms: maid/repairman/gardener/nanny/delivery man/pizza/Chinese food do not appear and game slows to a crawl or mailbox disappears.

The zip file contains 2 packages. One fixes a maxian error resulting in the deletion of something random. (normally a portal), the other is an early warning system that looks for deleted portals.

Download only ONE zip file. the CBOY_Portal_fix is for UNIVERSITY and the CBOY_Portal_fix_nightlife is for NIGHTLIFE ONLY. Use the correct one

This is a preventative measure. If you already have the problem you should install this and proceed with This Thread

Made with SimPE QA version 47b and P.L.Jones BHAV editor (Thanks for getting them out so quickly for nightlife)

Type: Global Mods