Puerto Rico style house for family of 3-4

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Uploaded 27th Oct 2005 at 7:56 AM · Updated 28th Oct 2005 at 7:56 AM by Black_Rose

Hellos amigos!:wave:

This is a lot base on a my friends house in San Juan, Puerto Rico is very simple but I like to keep my houses realistics gives me a warm feelign of a home. Also is big house for a family but is nice you have space to set up your things but you dont have to worry of walking up and down stairs or taking long on walking place to place so is a big but easy to move house. Also the house some items from the site let me point them to you so if you want them you can go for them.

1.sunshades with lights by (SnowStorm) this item not included in house only in pic.

2.outdoors lanthern recolors by the amazing creator (Numenor)

3.wrought iron windows 3 by a incredable creator (moon Ez)

4.wrought iron picket fence/gate by (moon Ez)

5.Plants to get the mesh you gotta go to this incredable.

6.Architectual Design Set - Windows n Door by (moon Ez)

7.terrazo floors by talented (wallpaper)

PR House details,
Price $59,959
medium lot (5x3)
1 with bathroom master bedroom
2 bedrooms
1 guest bathroom in livingroom
1 regular bathroom
2 living rooms
balcony main entrace
2 door garage with space

please enjoy I hope you all like also im posting the link to my other small house if your interested.

Take care all!