Nocturnal Dawn
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For four generations, the kingdom of Vailiania had been ruled by the just king Vikar who ruled with justice and fairness over all his subjects though his reign had been long but sorrow claimed his sorrow. Despite many attempts by himself he had no heir to his throne so he worried with every part of his being as he had no heir it would pass to the military overlord of the land Fallean who had a lust for battle and blood that none could stop when he has upon the battle field. Though his realm had been ravaged from wars past he kept the lawless in check with his armies and weaponry.

With these making him fear about the future of his kingdom so he had been in poor health of late. The people rumoured in silent voices of the death of the king and their fear of the military rule to come of them.

Vikar stood with his face fixed with the worry, tension, fear that his soul had inside him. A voice spoke to him from behind him or from unseen being that haunted him for reasons unknown “my king, Vikar I have an offer for you that will make your fears of death despair.”

He turned his body slightly to see with a sigh his advisor, Vulcan. He had severed after the mysterious disappearance of his last advisor three years ago after he had made a peace treaty with the witches in the uncharted territory of the Forrdiean valley. Vulcan was respected and feared by all who saw as rumours had surrounded him for years about him being a vampire connected to the recent and violent murders that had happened since he had taken his role. “I see that your poor health of late has made even more reclusive to the company of all but yourself.”

Vikar did not turn to look at but kept his vigil out of the widow he stood before. He snarled at him with no real rage as he was never known for his rage as his soul was like petals of the flowers that grew upon the grounds of the castle “Vulcan what is the meaning if this I told you I do not want to speak to anyone.”

He frowned slightly, remembering what he said about a deal which would remove his fear of death, a gift like that he thought was most tempting indeed “what do you speak of, my advisor” with a voice of interest.

Vulcan almost gave an evil smile to his final smile with the king’s final words “I have away you for you to avoid the fear of death that lingers over you like a shroud. My king I will tell you more of this if you just follow me.”

He turned slightly with his worry of this mystery but he would follow him. If this was true then his kingdom could be saved from the threat of military rule. His mind was now made up with thought of following him but he did not like this idea he will try to kill him or imprisonment.

Vikar told Vulcan his answer with a small smile that showed his hope that he would be giving what he desired most “show me, Vulcan.” Vulcan turned and ran out of the room followed by the old king Vikar who’s breathing became harder every step he took. He wondered if this course of action was truly wise but Vikar’s urge to keep his kingdom safe over ruled his reason so he continued to follow Vulcan.

Vulcan stopped before a bookcase, Vikar watched him wondering what he was up to as there was no way they could to move forward but the bookcase swung open. Relieving a dark passage way which Vulcan looked at with a smile.

Vikar asked with his curiosity flowing “Vulcan, where are you taking? Into the black of the earth to led me to some terror unknown?”

He did not answer him straight away as he continued to led the way in silence while Vikar was followed him.

Vikar stopped before open coffin but his eyes bid not see anything. Vulcan finally answered his question that he had asked when they entered this secret room “I found this room soon after I arrived anywhere my king look inside the coffin and you will see the form of your salvation from death.”

Suddenly Vikar could see something appear out of black mist inside the coffin. He noticed with some surprise that this man who lay as if dead inside the coffin looked similar to himself when he was young man “Vulcan what is this?” he said with worry.

According to the legends blood magic which he guessed how this being was created was destroyed by the brotherhood of the silver stars, the armies of Fallean and Vailiania.

Vulcan did not say anything as he moved silently towards the bookcase without the king noticing what he was doing. the king was transfixed so much he did not see or even feel his hand slashed and five drops of his blood to fall on this apparent corpses brow.

Suddenly the candles along the wall suddenly caught a life sending light across the room so that Vikar could see what was happening better.

Vikar turned to look back at him only to see at almost at the book case so he ran to get him. Unfortunately he fell as he ran as he knew that even now his health had got worse.

Vulcan laughed as he heard the sounds of Vikar’s pain and frustration as he failed to stand back up again. He reached for the book that would open the bookcase so he could leave and he made sure that Vikar could not escape this chamber. Vulcan’s hand was now on the book’s spine and was about to pull it but he did hesitated at the last moment as he heard Vikar cry out to him “Vulcan why have you done this to me?”

He removed his hand from the book’s spine. An evil laugh issued from his lips “forgive my king but my see you are more trusting than any human I have meet in all my unbead life. When we heard of your ill health, no heir and large kingdom filled with humans for us to feast what better for a group of vampires from beyond Forrdiean valley. Do not worry your kingdom is in good hands Vikar but I did not lie to as the man in the coffin will be your salvation. Farewell Vikar and feast well my master” he graded hold of the book, pulled and left Vikar trapped in the room.

Vikar cried out as he realised he was trapped in here, he was about to make a prey to Morhal, the god of law, justice and wisdom until he wondered to himself “how is his master?”

A slamming sound came from the coffin at the end of the chamber. When he heard it he shivered in fear as he was suddenly afraid of what was in that coffin. Vikar managed to stand and slowly walked towards the coffin noticing that the lid was closed. Every part of his being cried out him that he was walking to his doom but he could not stop as he knew that Vulcan had not lied to him about his salvation. If what ever was in there would stop from dying then he would do what ever it took.

He opened the lid of the coffin to see the body inside surrounding by white mist. Vikar noticed that his skin had changed but he decided to see what happen if he touched him for a moment helping that what ever magic was over him would give him peace. The body’s skin was as cold as the winter snows and the colour of snow, “what is the creature? How did he end up here inside this castle and why is my salvation” but when he removed his hand was about to carefully close the coffin when he heard a voice say “your blood tastes like that wheat ale you humans drink for pleasure but I know that none of that poison is inside of you.”

Vikar shrieked, slamming the coffin lid down on top of him and running away from the coffin as whoever was in coffin was a unnatural creature.

The lid opened as the corpse arose from the coffin to Vikar’s fear. He laughed slightly “now was there any need for such treatment as we are going to become so close soon.”

Vikar turned around and screamed in fear “you’re ... A vampire!! Gods protect me” he laughed to see the fear on his face. Vikar could control his fear as he was terrified of this man whoever he was “who are you vampire and what do you want from me?” the vampire gave him an evil smile.

He answered with him with a voice of coldness and evil “my name is Caunidhrenon but in your tongue human I am Darius, the leader of the death star vampire clan. What I want with you my dear Vikar is simple to make your wish come true” Vikar blinked in surprise as he continued “Vulcan performed a spell upon my body to make myself appear human until your blood touched my skin. My appearance was changed so I looked like you but now I am awake” he stepped closer to Vikar.

Darius graded hold of him “stop what are doing?” said Vikar shakily, Darius moved his head closer to Vikar’s neck. Vikar could feel his cold breath against his neck “hush my king soon we will be joined together for all eternity” he sank his fangs into the veins of his neck.

As the blood was strained from his body he felt like he was being filled with ice. When he was blood was completely drained he was flunk on to the ground. “I will deal with you later but there is a lose end I need to handle” he left Vikar on the ground as Darius left to find some suitable robes to wear.

He emerged from the secret chamber of the castle. As the bookcase closed behind him, Darius was approached by Vulcan “my master, we have located the queen. She is the throne room” Darius smiled “excellent Vulcan. When the queen is dead we shall speak more but now I need to slay the queen!”

Suddenly Darius transformed himself into a bat. Vulcan looked straight at the bat’s red eyes “my master, it is still daylight outside. Unless the spell I put on you when we I brought you here still holds you will burn”. The bat did not answer but Vulcan’s voice telepathically said to him “I will take my chances” he flew upstairs to the throne room to kill the queen before she could interfere with there plans.

Unaware of what had happened the queen sat alone in the throne room. Queen Amelia II had ruled by her husband’s side for thirty years or more, she made sure that there peace treaties with the clans of goblins under the mountains held and that the people had enough food to get them through the year. She had been one of the most beautiful women in Vailiania but after years of sorrow after not giving her kingdom an heir had aged her extremely but her kind and gentle nature always shorn through her sadness.

She was about to go and search for her husband as she feared for him as their had been rumours of the king considering to take his own life. As she stood the boors of the throne banged open as a Darius, smoking from the heat transformed back into a man. He screamed as the pain of his flight in the sun hit him, he managed somehow not burn so badly. Amelia bashed over to him as he rived on the floor, she knelt down beside him “are you alright? Should I call for a healer?”

Darius sat up and looked at her. Out of all the people he had murdered on the way here for either nourishment or for discovering him, he regretted none but he would regret this one. For she knew what he was but she was not afraid of him. Darius smiled “a healer, would stop the sun hurting me as much but you know what I am and I guess you know what I will do to you?”

Amelia helped him to stand before looking at him, pensively “my older brother, Lucan, was a vampire but he was not monster. He had no choice but to kill in order for him to live. I will never forget the day when my husband sent out the order for his capture. A week later at dawn I watched as I saw my brother, tied to a stake burn in the suns light. Not once bid his eyes leave mine asking me why.”

Darius wondered if he was developing some small degree of mercy. He grabbed hold of her pulled towards, to his surprise she did resist his touch. He was about to bite when he told in hushed tones “I am sorry but I have no choice if you live you will undermine me and my fellow vampires from ruling this kingdom. If this bring any comfort to you, no pain shall you feel from this bite of mine” he sank his fangs into her neck.

When he had noticed that he had turned her into a vampire, he reached down into his boot where he kept a small knife. He intended to stake her before she escaped but when he was about to stake her with it, Amelia managed to break his hold of her body hitting the wrist of hand that held the knife, sending the weapon flying out of his hand and into the corner of the room. He gave her a small laugh “a martyr?” she nodded “I saw all this in a vision years ago foretelling this and the truth of those of silver stars.” Darius blinked for few now live remember that truth, he himself was the one of the few who knew.

She slowing walked of the room under the watchful gaze of Darius who did not try to stop as he knew now her fate

Amelia stood outside feeling the heat of the sun burning at skin, the light of it was pain to her and she could feel what ever blood was left in her veins boil. Her mind wondered of what would happen to Vailiania now with her gone and knowing that her husband was bead. She had only seen one glimpse of the future, a women with hair as black as a winter’s night, eyes as red as blood and skin as white as the winter’s first born snowfall.

Amelia could sense her life was almost at an end “who ever you are, may your heart be strong for this land is corrupt with the sins of the vampires that rule it now. Avenge us who have been killed and gods protect you” with a faint a smile her body turned into dust that was blown away by the wind.

As the sunset upon the land, Darius and Vulcan sat in the throne room watching the light fade form the outside world. This night marked the rise of the rule of Darius over the land which will be soaked in the blood of innocents. He had plans for this land “are quest is complete my servant now we can pursue are true aims. We will make are enemies drown in the blood of the fallen comrades” they both laughed with an evil manner as they were looking forward to make there enemies suffer.

Four years passed in fear, blood and demise for the people of Vailiania. Every full moon an untainted maiden was given to their vampire lords that ruled over them. Word had come from a cross the see that the hidden island where which the brotherhood of the silver stars lived had been sighted recently off the far eastern coast of Fallean causing worry for the people as the last time that island was sighted it meant war for the three kingdoms against someone or something.

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Next: Chapter 1: Elderfire
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