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Victorian carriage (requested)

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Uploaded: 9th Feb 2006 at 1:24 AM
Updated: 16th Sep 2009 at 5:34 PM by -Maylin-
Hallo everybody,
this time I want to share with you what I wanted for my own game since feb 2005. Then, it would be enough if I had got a pure decorative object, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then Nightlife came out and no changes. Maybe I didn't surch enough. So I decided to learn how to do it myself.
Now I've got it!
Meantime I got a request by MelissaM in the first days of January to make a white victorian carriage. It was a very nice and polite request, so I promised to make the object. Thank you, Melissa, for the pictures!
Here it is! Enjoy!

Carriage "Victoria"!

As it was for me too, it was no extra work!

For all simmers who would like to download:
Please, again, keep in mind that this is and will be a clone of a car!
If you don't mind you surely will take the disadvantages and use it with fun. Animations of the horses are not yet possible!!!

This object needs Nightlife! It is colour-enabled. After installation you can find it under the carcollection.

The carriage is very detailled. Therefore it may cause problems for some systems! It works fine in my game.
Statistics: faces - 18750; vertices - 12654
I made two other colours, which come with the zip-file.
Some people have a feeling for colours and their combination. I admire them. I unfortunately don't have that skill! So excuse me in that point.

The carriage is tested in an unhacked game. All functions of the original car seem to be available and work. That means also some strange animations like entering the vehicle, upcoming windows in some scenario, noise of a motor are normal. Don't be surprised!

If you are interested in this vehicle use it like you want. If you find any faults please give us a warning.

If you think the object is useless or too bad don't download!!!

This is the only site I uploaded this object and it should remain the only site for it, but as I said: Use it like you want!
(That means I hope to participate in that what you could do with it.)

Installation: copy the package-file (within the zip-file) to your downloadfolder or in a subfolder of it. To get rid of it just delete the file.

I hope all of you who asked for this object will have fun. Indeed there were more people than Melissa and me who wanted such an object.

Much fun with it!


Update March 2009

Now the carriage uses custom sound. Get the sound file here (Soundpackage.rar):

Thanks to Shaklin for sharing her know-how making custom sound packages!

And it is compatible with Numenor's 'Drivable Cars Without Nightlife' add-on.
Credits to Numenor for his Anygame Starter. I tested the object using this tool.

Thanks to Quaxi and SimPE Thanks to Numenor, RGiles, Quaxi for CEP Thanks to Maxis for the game and the original object