Service Taxi Replacements (incl. Basegame version)

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2008 at 5:39 AM
Updated: 24th Feb 2009 at 6:46 PM - added remarks for downloads; changed the link to the sound package
Car-Service Taxi replacement
-Included Basegame Version-
by Dragon Slave & hexameter

The next horse drawn carts of the set of replacements I started to make now will override the original Taxi Services. In fact there are several versions for this service:
1) The original Taxi that is basegame/Nightlife compatible (filename: BasegameTaxi.rar)
2) The Sevice Taxi for PETS including new options (filename: CarServiceTaxi-New.rar)
3) The Service Airport Shuttle that came with Bon Voyage (filename: CarServiceAirport.rar)

BasegameTaxi.rar .............. for Basegame, Uni, Nightlife, Open for business
CarServiceTaxi-New.rar ...... for Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Free Time
CarServiceAirport.rar .......... for Bon Voyage, Free Time (This file only replaces the Shuttle Service of Bon Voyage)

If you want to replace the Taxi and the "Airport Shuttle" as well you need both "CarService..."-files.

For the latest EPs I had to provide 4 different vehicles in 2 packages though you will see the difference only in their signs.

All these vehicles use Dragon Slave's beautiful mesh of her Friesian horse. This type of horses is special in colour, the very long mane and tail and the feathered long hair on the legs.

The taxi service vehicles are prepared to use custom sound that is available here: (Soundpackage.rar)

Note: It may happen that the wheels don't spin smoothly at once when the vehicles enter the lot, though all vertices are assigned correctly.
The driver's and the passenger's positions are correct and it worked without other problems in my tests. The horse is not animated. The lanterns in the rear of the vehicle will work at night.

Install extracting the *.rar-file to your downloads. Stop the override by deleting the packages.

Enjoy these carts in your neighbourhoods of past times if you like.



Note, as this is teamwork, have please a look at the policy of Dragon Slave if you want to use this vehicle for your purposes.
Dragon Slave:

Polygon Counts:
All vehicles cover 14 tiles.
Faces: 20,778 (1,484 per tile); vertices: 13,234 (945 per tile)

Additional Credits:
- Quaxi and the developers of SimPE - Numenor for his Basegame Starter
- Shaklin for sharing her knowhow of making custom sound packages

To all the eager writers who built the database of tutorials on MTS2

Last but not least Dragon Slave, thank you!