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Perfect Family Starter Home

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2006 at 11:33 AM
Updated: 19th Mar 2010 at 9:52 AM - Spring cleaning! :-)
This is a good starter home for someone who wants to furnish a house themselves, the house has 1/2 possible bedrooms, 1 Bathroom and 1 kitchen and dining.

I would call it a 'sandbox' sort of home where you can do pretty much what you want with it and not fall into too many troubles in terms of expandability. (ie. if you want to create a small family and make it larger over time!)

The Price of the house will not be more than 14,000 dollars so you will have money for extra furniture, it is a 3x2 lot.

Enjoy this download!

If you have any problems (I hope not! ) Then I will gladly help you out if you post a comment.

Hope you all like this, I renovated mine, what can you do with yours?