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2 Pastel Street - Pretty Pink Starter with Pool - $17,775

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Uploaded: 20th May 2006 at 1:42 PM
Hi everyone

For all of you who love pink I decided to build this lovely little starter home, which comes complete with a pool.

The house is built on a 2x2 lot and costs a bargain $17,775. There's even some furnishing included in the price! The bathroom is furnished with a toilet (expensive), a bath/shower, a sink and a mirror. There's also a fridge, a cooker, a table, chairs and counters in the kitchen/dining area, as well as a sofa, coffee table, TV and stereo in the living area.

I've also included a phone, burglar alarm, smoke detector, a driveway for a car, flowers and a tree.

The two bedrooms are both completely unfurnished.

There are two pieces of custom content which you'll need to download (if you haven't got them already). They are moonlight_muse's Royal Diamond Floor Tiles and her Pink Double Glass Doors

I have all the expansions and you will need them too for the lot to work in your game.

The lot is totally hack free!

Comments are very welcome, and if you like the house please don’t forget to say thanks